Shorts are great on toddlers, but having different coloured shorts (one pair’s green with navy hawaiian flower pattern) does make for a hard time colour coordinating with the various t-shirts in his wardrobe.  I couldn’t find anything which went with said shorts, so N was today in his lovely stone combat shorts/cropped trousers.

Top was for once a shirt – I generally stick with t-shirts, but the shirt went really well, and I decided to risk it.  This one was a hand-me-down from a friend’s youngest son, and think it was the first time N had worn it.

I was planning to take some better photos once he was home from nursery, but I’d forgotten that he’d have probably had spaghetti or beans for tea time today, and therefore he was in his spare clothes, so we’ve got an action playing shot instead of a better one.

N wearing:  Tesco cargo ‘shorts’, Adams hand-me-down blue shirt, cow print Funky Giraffe dribble bib and bare feet!

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  1. Awwwwwwww love the cargo trousers! And yes, better to take a picture before nursery. They come back looking very war torn! I think they actually throw the food and dirt on them, hahaha. He looks like a proper little man!

    • N’s usually ok with food (unless it’s spaghetti for tea which always gets spread on his trousers, but paint goes everywhere.

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