We went to Blenheim Palace last week for some autumn colour and open air, and discovered a water fountain around the back of the house.  The spray from the water fountain, and the sun were mixing so beautifully, we could see rainbows in the fountain.

It was so pretty, and I was determined to capture it on camera. I couldn’t get it on a complete photo of the fountain, just part of it.  But I’m glad I could catch it.

ater fountain rainbows at blenheim palace
Rainbow in water fountain spray


  1. Catie: An imperfect mum

    Great shot! Love that you captured the rainbow too! Looks fairytale like. #mysundayphoto

  2. Ah Blenheim Palace, love the fact you chose not ot get a picture of the main house. Fountain looks great and love the rainbow effect.

    • I took plenty of that too, but I wanted to share a different photo to those in my earlier post.

  3. This is such a gorgeous photo. I would have had to capture it too. Love rainbows 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

  4. Lovely capture. The rainbows can be so difficult to get completely but this one has come out beautifully.

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