bird design on canvas reusable bag

Make your own reusable bag

How to make your own reusable shopping bag

Keyword reusable, shopping bag, sustainable
Cook Time 30 minutes
Drying time 5 hours
Total Time 5 hours 30 minutes
Servings 1 bag


  • Plain cotton bag
  • Fabric paints or pens
  • Additional threads, ribbons, beads etc optional
  • Cardboard (old cereal box or newspaper)


  1. Decide on your design

  2. Iron the bag

  3. Put the piece of card inside the bag to prevent paint going through to the other side

  4. Paint on your design

  5. Wait for the fabric paint to dry - overnight, or at least a few hours. Depending on your paint instructions

  6. Don't forget to take it shopping with you.

Recipe Notes

The reusable bags should be washable, although leave it a bit longer to do so just in case. I only did one side of each bag but once the side is dry you could turn over and repeat the pattern on the reverse as well.