Smoothing the way through the primary school years

Even if your child has been at nursery for years, starting primary school is always a huge step. For them and us. If you’re a working parent then it’s the excitement tinged with concern about logistics. And if you’re a stay at home mum, chances are you’re sad about losing your time with them at home.

smoothing primary school years - Bubbablue and me

There are ways to make the transition to primary school easier for the whole family. You can find useful posts below, split into useful sections: Starting school, Key stage 1 support and Key stage 2. Come back as your children progress through school because I’ll be updating this as and when to build a great resource page.

Supporting children through primary school doesn’t have to be hard

Starting primary school

Moving from preschool, choosing schools and arriving in foundation stage.

Questions to ask on primary school visits
13 essential tasks to prepare children for school
20 posts about starting school advice
Getting the best value from school uniform
How to cope at the school gate as a working mum
Why you shouldn’t always worry about children being behind
Really useful tips for school you never know til later

Key stage 1 tips

From foundation stage at age 4 or 5, through to year 2 and age 6 or 7, children start with learning more about the social and settling stages as well as the basic grounding of phonics and starting to read.

Get your children to talk about their day
How to help improve handwriting
Understanding school reading levels
Encourage your children to read
Number bonds and basic maths printables
Build confidence to help imagination in writing
Tips on getting children to do homework
How to help children cope with sports day
Quick no sew nativity costumes 

Key Stage 2 tips

Prep kids for school swimming lessons
Books to inspire reluctant readers age 7-11
Pen licences and (cursive) handwriting support
Secondary school virtual open days
Visual stress and Irlen Syndrome to help reading

All the questions answered


  • The School Run – school length subscription with weekly learning worksheets in line with national curriculum. There’s also plenty of articles on 
  • Reading Eggs – helping children improve reading and maths through fun games

If you’ve got any advice, tips or questions about primary school, comment or send me a message.

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