The Son of Bigfoot DVD release and giveaway

son of bigfoot dvd bundle

It’s not often we get agreement from N to watch a film that we’d all be happy watching, but I’m hoping that with the recent release of The Son of Bigfoot dvd, we might have success in having a family movie session.  We were sent a pack of family DVDs alongside Son of Bigfoot and they’re on our ‘to watch’ pile (anyone else have a rather large pile to get through?) The Son of Bigfoot comes from the creators of… Continue Reading “The Son of Bigfoot DVD release and giveaway”

Things he says – bad dreams and changing nicknames

*contains affiliate links Sometimes the things your children say make you tear up and feel for them. It doesn’t happen that often despite me now being a total softie who cries really easily at films (or reading David Walliams’ children’s books. Just me?).  Having a 6 year old has been the best thing ever (even better than age 5) and I’m making the most of it before N turns 7. But some of the things he says do make me… Continue Reading “Things he says – bad dreams and changing nicknames”

How to deliver, accept and decline party invitations

how to rsvp to party invites - Bubbablue and me

One of my most popular posts has been the decline of party invitation etiquette. I get a lot of searches arriving at my blog asking how to accept and decline party invites. Nowadays, with the decline of snail mail and increase in electronic event invitations, people are getting out of the habit of replying to things on paper.  Compared with the old days when that was the only option, and it was unheard of picking up the landline to rsvp.… Continue Reading “How to deliver, accept and decline party invitations”

Living Arrows 2017 week 47- cheeky tricking

Enjoying outdoors

This week’s living arrows shot was taken at the Black Country Living Museum which we visited last week.  N had got a bit bored and was trying to block me from going into another building. This time the church. We had a bit of fun with me trying to get past, which of course I eventually did. Nice shots of him are now few and far between, so when I get photos with the right light and a great smile,… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2017 week 47- cheeky tricking”

School days – star of the week and anti-bullying

Getting ready for school

Another school week gone by. We were at the school gate, amazed that we’re already so far past half term. But it’s been another week of nativity rehearsals and learning, which included Children in Need day. Star of the week N announced he was awarded star of the week this time. No certificate has appeared (he thinks it’s in his drawer) so he can’t remember what he awarded it for. Multiskills event N had a day off ill on Monday.… Continue Reading “School days – star of the week and anti-bullying”

Project 365 2017 week 46 – flower photography and crochet

flower photography set up

It’s week 46 of Project 365, and I’ve a real mix of photos this week. Thankfully this week N has agreed to some photos, so at least I’ve managed to get some of him. On Sunday we visited the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley. We had a lovely time exploring all the old buildings. On Monday it was a normal work day.  After a colleague went home one of the guys decided to have a bit of fun with… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 46 – flower photography and crochet”

Black country living museum – exploring historic real life

Visiting Black Country Living Museum - Bubbablue and me

Since having N, I’ve revisited so many of the places we went to as children. My mums used to take us all over the UK visiting different attractions and counties, and I’ve wanted to continue that with N. Not only does it get him away from the farm, learning that there are other options out there. But also for educational reasons. Visiting a historic location will bring history to life much better than reading about it in school.  The Black… Continue Reading “Black country living museum – exploring historic real life”

An ode to bootcut jeans

an ode to bootcut jeans - Bubbablue and me

I love a pair of jeans. Outside of work that’s all I wear apart from the occasional shorts for summer holidays, or dress if it’s a party or smart do.  But every time I go to buy jeans I struggle.  And it’s not just me, it’s everyone it seems (girls anyway) whether they’re fat, thin, average sized.  My favourite style is bootcut, but I’m mourning the death of bootcut jeans. Why, why, why are they so hard to come by?… Continue Reading “An ode to bootcut jeans”

Living Arrows 2017 week 46

Living Arrows 2017 week 46 happy boy.

This week’s Living Arrows shot was taken in front of our very messy backroom.  It’s full of N’s rubbish, one complete and one half finished jigsaw, the sun faded piano and the tent which also doesn’t have anywhere to go. I can’t even remember what we were discussing, but N had just turned round and was showing me something. He looked pretty happy about it. Does anyone else’s child insist on wearing their polo shirts fully buttoned up? It really… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2017 week 46”