Family camping activities and solutions

Camping holidays have had a revival over the last few years.  Relatively cheap, with plenty of options for every person and situation, family camping is now a regular in many people’s year including ours.  With so many camping activities to choose from, starting out can be a mystery.  Hopefully you’ll find plenty of useful information and answers to your questions to help you have the perfect family camping holiday for you.

My camping experience

My childhood camping experiences weren’t the most successful.

  • Two Girl Guide camps where I was ill, but I still remember the great freedom of wide games and singing round the campfire.
  • A February post-uni camping trip to Snowdonia with my best friend.  It was so cold we spent most evenings in the nearby pub warming up with hot chocolates.
  • Setting up camp in torrential rain in Devon one May bank holiday with friends.
  • My brother and I also used to spend most of the summer holidays camping out in our back garden, moving the tent every week to save the grass.

Camping is an experience that I believe all children should experience at least once.  The OH doesn’t do camping and so far I’ve not taken N on my own.  Luckily there’s a group of us who’ve started an annual summer camping trip with the children.  We’ve done it minus the husbands (our first time really was an achievement, many of the group being camping virgins) and one year with some of the men coming along.  We’ve tried different places each time.

Camping is…a great excuse to experience different places, people and views

Group camping is the way to go if you’re not totally sure about it.

If you’re looking for tips and advice on family camping tips and activities (with all mod cons – no wild camping here), then here’s your start point for going camping for the first time.

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Need convincing about going camping or starting out?

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Camping essentials and equipment

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How to pack

Food and entertainment

Camping snacks

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Camping meal ideas for kids

Entertaining the kids

Entertaining the adults

Top camping tips

42 of the best camping tips

Camping in the rain tips

Camping in the heat

How to storm proof a tent

Great campsites

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower – beautiful, right above the bay, but blowy

Higher Moor Farm, Weymouth

Warcombe Farm, Mortehue, Woolacombe

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For days out around the UK while you’re on a camping trip or if you just want to discover new places, check out my days out page.

Do let me know about your camping experiences or tips. I’d love to share them with my readers.

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