One of the activities I’ve always loved since I was young is heading out and about and visiting new places. Friends always say how good I am taking N out to lots of places, but it’s something I love and it’s a great way to get him off the farm. As well as bringing learning to life. Children are so much more likely to remember something by seeing or hearing about it in real life.

Get out and about with kids for a more practical education that doesn’t feel like learning

UK travel and days out are big on this blog. Here’s a one stop shop here for easy access to some of my favourites we’ve visited.  Most places are good for families, some better for young than old and vice versa.

You can check them out by county or region which include a round up post where available, and I’ve included a section for National Trust properties because we love our membership and it’s a great way to tick them off your visit list.

Days out in the UK by county

National Trust

We’re big fans of the National Trust. With gorgeous properties, beautiful grounds and wonderful history, they have something for everyone. And of course, they do good cakes and coffee.

If you’re visiting somewhere in the UK, there’s usually a National Trust property to visit (Scotland have their version of the National Trust as well).  If you’re a member, you’ve not only got access to all the properties, but car parking at beaches, moorland, coastal walks and beautiful vistas. The National Trust has places you wouldn’t realise are their properties.  In visiting you’re also supporting the charity and upkeep of some of the UKs most beautiful locations. Double whammy – an enjoyable day out plus doing good.

National Trust Half Moon Common

Here’s some of the National Trust places we recommend.  You don’t have to be a member to visit, but if you visit a few a year, it can work out cheaper to get membership.

National Trust properties:

You can find all the recommendations plus our thoughts on them on the map.

Let me know which of these you love, or if you’ve any favourites to share.

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