National Trust visit Felbrigg Hall - Bubbablue and me.

Exploring National Trust’s Felbrigg Hall

As children we holidayed a couple of years in north Norfolk, so I was keen to return to some of the places we’d visited back then. It was a real blast from the past although I tend to only remember names rather than details. But it was 30 years ago, so to be expected!

On our first afternoon on holiday, we’d had a bit of time after Cromer before heading back to the hotel.  The weather had looked better by that stage and I decided that we should head to Felbrigg Hall. One of the things I love about our National Trust membership is that we can just pop in wherever whenever and there’s no pressure to stay for ages.

National Trust visit Felbrigg Hall - Bubbablue and me.

N had a moan on when he realised it was another National Trust property, but I persuaded him that we’d check out the playground afterwards. He was then happy enough to tag along.

I’d expected it to be a lot busier, but obviously it wasn’t everyone’s school holidays, so there was plenty of space in the car park and we could just wander into the house without needing timed tickets.

Flebrigg hall from the victory woman

We were given a little booklet to guide us as we walked round, and there were children’s activities in many of the rooms which N took control of.  The tour takes you around the house in the eyes of the last squire Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer, with the beautiful rooms and interesting artwork. There were also children’s activities in most of the rooms and N got stuck in without much persuasion.

dining room at felbrigg all
drawing room at Felbrigg hall
4 poster bed at felbrigg hal
playing word games at Felbrigg hall
kids activities in the rooms at Felbrigg hall

One of my favourite areas to see of stately homes, is always the servants quarters. They didn’t disappoint at Felbrigg Hall with us able to take place at the table in the servant’s halls, see the butler’s room and try out setting the table correctly.  N never used to like taking part in interactive children’s activities but he’s becoming more open to them now he’s more capable.

life under stairs at Felbrigg
kitchen at felbrigg hall
practising table layouts

N wanted to go back to the hotel straight after seeing the house, so I wasn’t going to get to do any of the Victory V walk. We did spot the sculpture at the start of it looking spectacular (if a bit like a bonfire effigy). There are hundreds of acres of estate to walk in, so you could easily spend a whole day at Felbrigg Hall.

relaxing in a hallwasput together.
trying on hats at felbrigg hall
felbrigg hall against the sky

I managed to persuade N into the walled garden which is alongside the car park.  This is where the playground is, although we did walk the long way round to it.

walking in the walled garden
moving park benches
hen house at Felbridgg Hall
outside felbrigg hall

Some of the flowers were out, and we found the dovecote standing pretty in the sun.  It’s a beautiful place to talk a walk or even sit in the sun.

blossom at felbrigg
chaffinch at Felbrigg Hall
tulips in walled garden at felbrigg

The natural playground was the highlight of N’s day I think. There were another couple of families with their children all running riot around it, but they left fairly soon, leaving N to enjoy the sand pits, water but and willow teepee den to himself until 1 little girl came along.

ornamental garden
gardening playgrund at Felbrigg hall
gardening at felbrigg hall
chilling out in the sandpits at Felbrigg Hall
willow tunnel at felbrigg hall

He was in his element.  For children this is the kind of playground that is perfect. They can just play in the sand, or be a gardener, play with the water, or explore around the garden and down the willow tunnels.  With plenty of benches and picnic tables it would be perfect for a picnic location in the summer.  N spent about 30 minutes playing there.  So much for him wanting to get back!

It was a lovely end to the day and visit.  If you’re in the area, I’d recommend visiting Felbrigg Hall, and taking some time to enjoy the walled garden especially if you have children.

Have you ever been to Felbrigg Hall?  Have you ever come across a similar style natural playground?

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  1. I spent a week at Fellbrigg as a teenager on an NT workcamp chopping down trees, brashing and clearing undergrowth. It was a wonderful week in such a beautiful location and I’d love to return one day. #CountryKids

  2. That photo of him running in the den looks great fun. I enjoy visiting National Trust properties with ours, although I often have to fight her for a map, especially if it’s a new one! #CountryKids

  3. I do think that our National Trust passes are the best thing we have spent money on all year. although the is a but far from us for a day trip I would definitely look it up now if we were local. I can not remember seeing another property with so many things to do/activities for the kids. Bonus that it wasn’t school holidays at the same time as yours xx #CountryKids

  4. I love Felbrigg Hall and when we had our NT membership last year we visited a number of times as it’s just up the road from us. The walled garden is my favourite part and my children all love the natural playground too. #countrykids

    1. The walled garden was lovely even though not much was in full bloom yet. It’s a lovely relaxing place to walk or sit.

  5. This looks like fab national trust place to visit. Glad you found enough to keep n going till you reached the play area, definitely looks like it was worth the wait. Will definitely visit when we are in the area xx

  6. It looks beautiful. I love national trust membership and I find it great that they do so many activities for the children so adults can relax a little and enjoy a place #countrykidsfun

  7. I love the outdoor play area, good old fashioned fun, you can’t beat it! I love that the National Trust properties are so child friendly, not stuffy like they used to be. Looks like a fab place to visit #countrykids

  8. we are big fans of the National Trust and this looks like another fab place to visit. The playground looks brilliant. Thanks for sharing #countrykids

  9. This looks like an amazing place to visit! I love how many things there were for your little one to do. We love visiting places like this and will have to add Felbrigg hall to our list! #CountryKids

  10. That playground looks great – my girls would be in their element just digging in the sand. Always nice when it’s a bit quieter too. I love how happy N is running though the willow tunnel. The house is beautiful. I always find the servants’ quarters interesting too. Glad that N is enjoying the activities a little more now too. #countrykids

  11. Felbrigg hall looks like a fantastic place to explore, I can see why you wanted to pop in and look around. It’s great that N got more involved in the interactive activities, he’s started to gain a good deal of confidence. That playground looks fantastic, N looks like he’s in his element there, I agree that’s the perfect playground for kids to spark their imaginations.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

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