Party bag ideas for 10-11 year olds

Party goody bag ideas for 10-11 year olds

Maybe party bags and goody bag fillers for 10-11 year olds aren’t the same as for children at younger parties. They are probably less fussed about getting party bags given parties tend to move toward smaller get togethers, often activities rather than ‘parties.  But sometimes it’s still nice to send them home with something other than just a piece of cake.

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I’m never appreciative of tat in children’s goody bags. You want the items to be useful, not to just be thrown in the bin. So you need to think about what’s on trend, or what children like. Or just need to take them away from the everyday.

One of the ways I think of party favour ideas, is to think about what our nephews and niece still like mucking about with when all the family are together. Or when we go camping, what are the popular games with the different ages. It’s the usual – a footbal comes out, something to throw or hit, but generally outdoor games or sports are good. For indoor enjoyment, it’s doing something crafty (and yes, even the older boys in the group will have a go), or card games. Sweets still go down well, when they head off to the shop on their own. I’m not a big sweet fan, but a small chocolate bar, or something sweet other than the cake can be themed to the party.

Party bag ideas for 10-11 year olds

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Ideas for party/goody bags for 10-11 year olds

Magnetic rings* – similar type of idea to a fidget toy, great for dexterity and encouraging children to work at achieving something.. There’s lots of tutorials online – although we’re pretty poor in our attempts.

Stacking cups – another challenge style activity, great for any age but good for this age as to get good at it, needs logical order of stacking and unstacking. Not like N’s wild own version which is quite fast, but not as fast as following the instruction route. (Look on ebay for the best prices).

Gravity disc *- slightly more expensive, but there are non branded alternatives. Can be used indoors, but better outdoors. Like a mini frisbee but with more tricks.

Moon balls *- look out for these on deal, or multibuy purchase options to knock the price down. They’re lots of fun trying to see how high they’ll actually go.

Stationery notebook with gel pens – look for slightly more grown up versions. Or buy cheap hardback notepads and sew or glue personalised fabric covers.

Nail polish or lip gloss sets – again, look for deals, 

T-shirt painting kit – you can make up your own with a white t shirt, small pots of 1-2 colours of paint, a couple of little sponges and vinyl to cut into stencils. Add instructions.

Puzzles – one year we did puzzles in a cube for each person. They were only small puzzles – about 100 pieces – but you can get some challenging ones like London streets or tubes, colourful sweets.  We found ours in The Works.

Rubik’s toys – Nowadays there are so many options. Rubik’s toys are expensive but if you’re lucky and shop in advance, you might be able to find some good deals. Alternatively try non branded versions which are often fine and still last.- we like the cube and the snake best. You can now buy different shape ‘cubes’ in packs, so worth getting those and splitting them up for party backs.

Sunglasses – there’s always a great choice of styles, and if buying in bulk you should be able to get a good price. Look for UV protection if you want to buy better than a novelty item. In the UK try these, otherwise there’s lots of style options to choose from.

Reusable tumbler or cup – my son is obsessed with getting drinks from coffee shops, and I’ve always got reusable cups in the car. He’s got his own tumbler and cup, so adding something like these to party bags could be a good option. Look out in places like Primark, Wilkos or Dunelm, although they aren’t always cheap. Make sure you get a size that a small takeaway drink will fit in, and look out for the colour changing versions.

What other types of things have your children liked in party bags before?

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