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How to make a 3D snowflake

I’ve finally managed to get some crafting done.  It probably helps that to make a 3D snowflake I didn’t need to get the craft supplies out…well, apart from tracking down some glue dots!

If you’ve not seen them over the internet yet, it involves cutting paper, a bit of sticking and rolling, And you end up with a beautiful, simple 3D snowflake, perfect for decorating a house for Christmas, or the rest of the year if you want to use them for other parties or decor.

3d snowflake

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To make a 3D snowflake

What you need

  • 6 pieces of paper.  I used A4 paper out of N’s paper pad that he’d done some scribbling drawing on for a touch of colour
  • Scissors
  • Something to use for sticking.  I used glue dots as you can’t see them at all, but you could use normal glue (sticks or pva), or staples.


1, Make squares out of your paper if it isn’t already.  I did this by folding over one corner to make a triangle, then cutting off the remaining rectangle.  You’ll be left with the 6 squares.

2, Fold over each square to make triangles, with the fold at the bottom.

paper folded into a triangle

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3, Cut up from the fold in diagonal lines towards the point. You will likely need 3-4 cuts each side depending on the size of your paper.  So 3-4 cuts on the left hand side of the triangle, and the same number of cuts on the right hand side opposite.  Don’t cut all the way until the opposite cuts meet.

cut slashes in the folded paper

4, Open up your triangles so you have a diamond in front of you.

paper slashed for 2d snowflake

5, Take the 2 central points (the corners of the central square) on the right and left, and stick them together in a tube shape.  You’ll see the empty triangle shapes to the right and left of the ‘tube’.

3D snowflake

6, Turn your diamond over, and repeat with the next square along, sticking the edges together.

how to make 3d snowflake

7, Keep turning over and creating more ‘tubes’, folding in and sticking the edges, until you’re left with the below piece.  Repeat with each of the other 5 pieces of paper.

3d paper snowflake

8, Take 3 pieces and stick them together by one end.  Again I use glue dots – you need it to be secure.  Do the same with the remaining 3 pieces.

3d snowflake

9, Stick the 2 3-pieces together at the centre.  Then to pull it into a snowflake shape, stick or staple the middle of each piece (ie the fattest parts) to the adjacent piece middle part.

10, Hang and enjoy.  You can vary these by colour, size and texture.  You could even spray them, add glitter or decorate with sticky jewels.  They’re fragile though, so you’ll likely need to remake each year.  Mine probably took around 15 minutes to make.

3d paper snowflake

As you can see, N loved ours, although not sure how gentle he would be with it.  I might make a smaller one for his room.  N even made his own ‘version’, as I wanted to keep him away from mine!

I think these would be perfect hanging above a Christmas tree if you did one in silver or gold as a star.

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DIY 3d snowflake papercraft

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