Easter Egg hunt at Upton House

Easter egg hunt at Upton House- Bubbablue and me

It’s been a while since I’ve been to our nearby National Trust property, Upton House. And a few years since I took N for a Cadbury easter egg hunt there. The first time we took N’s youngest cousin with us, and this time we invited him along too.  At 8 he’s still willing to look for Easter eggs, and he and N always love being out and about together. With my family membership I could get the nephew in too,… Continue Reading “Easter Egg hunt at Upton House”

National Trust Easter trails at Stowe Gardens

easter trails at Stowe Gardens - Bubbablue and me

I love doing the Easter trails at National Trust venues, and this year decided we’d go to Stowe Gardens. We’d arranged to meet friends on Good Friday, and given the weather was looking great, thought we’d do Stowe that day and give the 3 boys plenty of chance to run around. N always moans about Stowe because it’s a long walk (probably 10 minutes in reality) from the welcome building to the gardens, but sometimes we go on the little… Continue Reading “National Trust Easter trails at Stowe Gardens”

Children’s Easter event at Blenheim Palace

Easter fun at Blenheim Palace - Bubbablue and me

I love our Blenheim Palace annual pass, and we certainly make the most of it.  I noticed that over Easter (yes, I’ve only just got round to writing up my Easter goings on) Peter Rabbit was going to be appearing, and as N loves the tv show and his soft toy and figurine, we had to go to meet him. We’ve been to a few of the events there, mostly jousting, craft fairs, the car show, but I’ve never seen… Continue Reading “Children’s Easter event at Blenheim Palace”

Easy Easter egg decorating ideas

ideas for decorating easter eggs with Sharpies - Bubbablueandme

We don’t really do a big celebration at Easter.  N gets a few eggs from family, and there’s a big family meal.  Then we try and get out somewhere locally if the weather’s good.  We don’t decorate the house either, but last year I decorated eggs for the first time.  This year I’d been planning to try naturally dyed ones again, as well as using lace to dye a pattern, but decided to opt for an easier method, ie Sharpies.… Continue Reading “Easy Easter egg decorating ideas”

My Sunday Photo – eggs of a different kind

Colourscape at Waddesdon Manor

We visited National Trust’s Waddesdon Manor for their Colourscape exhibit (more like experience). I was a bit disappointed with my photos – across 3 different camera.  The lighting just wasn’t great causing dodgy looking skin and washed out looks.  It shows how much I just need to keep learning about using my camera. Here’s a lit up egg for Easter – of an alternative kind.

It’s eggs-citing – Decorate your own egg cups

decorate egg cups with Sharpies

Ok, so you always see amazing Sharpie crockery ideas on Pinterest and fancy making them. Then if you’re like me, you just have tonnes of pins, and no time to actually make the item.  But in the case of decorating mugs or plates with Sharpies, I was definitely up for trying that. Rather than mugs (because we have lots anyway and we rarely drink hot drinks in the house so they all go unused), I decided that I’d decorate egg… Continue Reading “It’s eggs-citing – Decorate your own egg cups”

Easter treats – including a Pinterest fail

handmade easter egg treats- Bubbablue and me

I’ve never really celebrated Easter with lots of crafting and decorating eggs, but I’d seen lots of egg decorating ideas on Pinterest (where else?!), and decided that this year I wanted to try some out.  Luckily I like eating eggs, so they wouldn’t go to waste. I tried blowing eggs, as that was what I thought most decorated eggs required (having never done egg decorating as a child, I really had no idea).   I’m hooked, it’s great fun blowing… Continue Reading “Easter treats – including a Pinterest fail”

Post Easter fun

Bubbablue and me avatar

Today we had our post Easter NCT get together.  Now I’m back working full time, it’s not often I get to see everyone, so it’s great to be able to catch up and also for N to be with his friends. It’s great to see them interact, and now they’re actually starting to play together.  Elefun* was a favourite game today – lots of laughing, and surprisingly no fights over the 2 nets.  It seemed four of them playing managed… Continue Reading “Post Easter fun”

Easter and more

Easter bonnets and costumes

We celebrated Easter two weekends in a row…let’s face it, where chocolate’s involved that’s not a bad thing! The weekend before, we hosted our latest NCT group get together.  It was great to see everyone again as we only have Friday afternoons at swimming now I’m back at work, and that’s not really a great chance to chat and catch up.  Also, being Easter, it was chance to dress the kids up again.  Easter bonnets galore, although I have to… Continue Reading “Easter and more”