wasgij original 43 aquarium antics

Wasgij Original 43 Aquarium Antics solution

I haven’t done any jigsaw puzzles for a while, but I can’t resist it when the new Wasgij puzzles get released.  The latest I’ve completed is the Wasgij Original 43 Aquarium Antics.

wasgij original 43 aquarium antics

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With the Wasgij Original you need to rethink what you see on the box image. Instead you’re trying to imagine what one of the characters is seeing, so you put yourself in their shoes.  This time it’s visitors going through an aquarium tunnel with fish above.

What are they seeing?

Solve that question and you get the Aquarium Antics solution finished.

My heart did sink (pun intended!) when I saw all the blue of the water. But there is enough of all the characters and other colours to not make it too hard to complete.  I do think this is one of the harder recent releases though. Although maybe that’s because I’ve not done a Wasgij for a while.

Like the others it’s a fun puzzle and you can spot all the interesting quirks. My favourite – the  old lady is there again but not in her usual blue.

You can find the solution by scrolling down, both image and video which shows a bit closer up. 

If you want some more guidance on how to complete a Wasgi (or any other puzzle without looking at the image), I have a how to guide you can read. And if you don’t have a puzzling surface you can leave out while working on them, why not try a Portapuzzle

wasgij original 43 aquarium antics solution

Let me know how you get on with this Wasgij Original 43 Aquarium Antics puzzle.

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