wasgij destiny 25 games night

Wasgij Destiny 25 – Games Night puzzle solution

Another week and another of the new Wasgij releases from January 2023. These have taken me a while to get around to, I’m spending more time reading and learning spanish on Duolingo. This one is Wasgij Destiny 25 Games Night.

wasgij destiny 25 games night

I quite like the Wasgij Destiny puzzles. Instead of the box image, the puzzle solution is the same theme but imagining what it might look like if set in the future. In this case, it’s old fashioned board games, but what are we playing games wise today. Think virtual reality and technology advances.

Like all the Wasgij puzzles, there’s a fun feel to the puzzle, and there’s plenty going on in the final jigsaw when completed.

I found this puzzle quite easy to complete – there’s lots of colour and blocks of subjects to work on, so it’s not too difficult to work out where everything goes.

You can find the solution below, or try my guide on how to do a Wasgij if you want to learn how I do them (and other puzzles now).

My favourite puzzle accessory is my Portapuzzle* for keeping everything intact when working on the puzzle but keeping the table free.

wasgij destiny 25 games night solution

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