snowy picture in the garden

Project 52 2023 week 10

This week has mostly been about snow. Thankfully none of it has hung around, and I’ll be glad to see the back of it. Here’s our week 10 for Project 52.

Sunday was the second hardcore project day for N. 1 project finished early before his club tennis session. Then back to do his other project. Because he’d lost all the work he’d previously done, he told me the bits to write so he could move faster than him having to type. I reckon he’s a completer-finisher like I am. Relishes the last minute putting it all together and enjoying the achievement that it’s done. Only another slog of a project to do for after next weekend, then one easy cooking one for the last week of term.  He’ll deserve the school holidays after all the hours of projects outside of school!

On Monday it was a little quieter. All was quiet and relieved on the homework front. After a good tennis lesson (in the rain), we were waiting to see if there was snow overnight.

Tuesday there was a smattering of snow settled on the grass and the hills when we got up. But by about 8.30 it was all melted.  I managed to finally get hold of the company I had my mutual friendly account with, who’d never told me about how to get my money when it matured 2 years ago. Supposedly there was a cheque in the post, but 2 weeks later it’s still not with me, so they’ve cancelled it, and I’ll send over my bank details for them to do a transfer in. Thankfully there’s been interest in the investment – not a lot, but better than nothing after 10 years of poor interest rates etc and it’s non taxable. So that’s a nice little pot of money to put into N’s savings account for future important things as I’d planned when I opened it all those years ago.

On Wednesday we woke to a little snow on the grass, but then it was mostly rain before the snow started again around 2pm. Football training was cancelled although some were still keen to play. It was probably more sensible given the cold temperature and the fact it was still snowing. Instead we warmed up with some hot chocolate.

Thursday we woke to more snow and it was still snowing up til 9ish. Off to school N went. I don’t like driving in snow, but it’s more worrying knowing you’re relying on a school bus driving down huge hills and back roads that might not be gritted very well. Thankfully the rain took over and it’s all gone on the roads.

On Friday there was more snow. It was quite heavy until 9, then it became sleet and by the time it was bus pick up, everything was gone apart from on the top of the hills. That’s my kind of snow! N’s got rid of 2 out of his 4 projects for this half term, but has come back with a full year of science revision for a Year 7 exam, plus 3 other things to do this weekend. Let’s hope he knuckles down to do his history because he needs to his his top level target for that, and now only has 1 1/2 days for it.

Tennis was cancelled due to the wind chill, but it was actually nice and sunny, so probably wouldn’t have been too cold.  It meant time for a chippy tea and sit down to catch up on some blogging. Needless to say, N didn’t use his evening to make a start on his project despite me telling him to.

Saturday was surprisingly quiet. Football was cancelled due to a supposedly frozen pitch. Our fields aren’t frozen so it was a tad surprising and means that’s now 2 weeks since they’ve played. We were already 2-4 games in hand, and I’ve no idea how all the matches will be fitted in before summer league. We quickly nipped to the shop, then N got some of his project done. The dog disappeared so they had to go and find her – luckily she turned up. Then it was a lazy afternoon.

snowy picture in the garden

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  1. I hope you have got your money now, so frustrating when things go missing in the post. We didn’t even see a flake of snow, so it was disappointment all round here

  2. Hope you managed to get the money from your mutual friendly account transferred over ok. Looks like you had more snow than we did although it didn’t last long here either. N sounds busy with all his school projects and homework. Hope he managed to get his history one done ok. #project365

  3. Similar snow conditions to ours last weeks, shame about the wasted bus fare money, so annoying. We’re shut for years 7-10, just keeping school open for those having exams soon.

  4. It sounds like N worked hard on the project.
    That’s great news about the money to put in N’s savings account.
    What a pretty view. It looks like you had about the same amount of snow as us, ours didn’t last long. x

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