School days – Christmas run up and maths tests

getting ready for school

The excitement of Christmas is at school at the moment. They’ve started their ‘# sleeps til Christmas’ countdown which N loves, and there’s been lots of Christmassy things going on, not just the nativity play rehearsals.  The nativity is due on Tuesday, but given the snow we’ve had all of Sunday, I’m expecting school to be closed tomorrow – and unless there’s a thaw and rain to get rid of the snow, the nativity play and school might struggle on… Continue Reading “School days – Christmas run up and maths tests”

Swimming pool safety and distracted parents

swimming pool safety - Bubbablue and me

Water and swimming pool safety is the reason why most parents sign their children up for swimming lessons.  Or maybe I’m missing something?  So why on earth do some parents take along toddlers to watch their siblings swim and then not keep an eye on what the toddler is doing? N has been in swimming lessons since 3 months old.  Yes, by now you’d imagine he would be on the verge of swimming miles and becoming a youth team swimmer,… Continue Reading “Swimming pool safety and distracted parents”

School days – nativity props and carol service

concentrationat play

It’s been another quiet week for School Days.  N’s school rotate round sports coaches coming in, forest school, and music or dance activities, and this week was a changeover week. Carol Service This week was the Christmas carol service. For the first time I had to miss most of it because my car had gone to have a check and it wasn’t back in time. I usually manage school events by either using my flexi time if they’re early in… Continue Reading “School days – nativity props and carol service”

School days – teachers’ gifts and VIP

clay hedgehog

It’s been another quiet school week this time.  N was pleased to get his Star of the week certificate from last week.  But there weren’t any trips or sports events this week.  It seemed to be full of lots of nativity performance practice. VIP It’s another week, and N was pleased to get VIP again. This time it was for English. I’m not sure what, but N seems to be picking up on his literacy side of things.  I think… Continue Reading “School days – teachers’ gifts and VIP”

How to help kids get the most out of handwriting practice

handwriting practice - Bubbablue and me

*Sponsored post With a school age child, everything education is important to me. I loved school and found it fairly easy, so I want N to love it too. He’s a fan of any subject that’s black or white, logical and straightforward. So maths, science and grammar, rather than the more creative subjects like English – story writing. On the literacy side, the one lesson he really enjoys at school is handwriting practice. Learning handwriting has certainly changed since I… Continue Reading “How to help kids get the most out of handwriting practice”

Things he says – bad dreams and changing nicknames

*contains affiliate links Sometimes the things your children say make you tear up and feel for them. It doesn’t happen that often despite me now being a total softie who cries really easily at films (or reading David Walliams’ children’s books. Just me?).  Having a 6 year old has been the best thing ever (even better than age 5) and I’m making the most of it before N turns 7. But some of the things he says do make me… Continue Reading “Things he says – bad dreams and changing nicknames”

How to deliver, accept and decline party invitations

how to rsvp to party invites - Bubbablue and me

One of my most popular posts has been the decline of party invitation etiquette. I get a lot of searches arriving at my blog asking how to accept and decline party invites. Nowadays, with the decline of snail mail and increase in electronic event invitations, people are getting out of the habit of replying to things on paper.  Compared with the old days when that was the only option, and it was unheard of picking up the landline to rsvp.… Continue Reading “How to deliver, accept and decline party invitations”

School days – star of the week and anti-bullying

Getting ready for school

Another school week gone by. We were at the school gate, amazed that we’re already so far past half term. But it’s been another week of nativity rehearsals and learning, which included Children in Need day. Star of the week N announced he was awarded star of the week this time. No certificate has appeared (he thinks it’s in his drawer) so he can’t remember what he awarded it for. Multiskills event N had a day off ill on Monday.… Continue Reading “School days – star of the week and anti-bullying”

School days – Rememberance Day

writing on the floor

This week’s been quiet school wise.  Just the usual stuff going on (or not in the case of N’s spellings, with his worst mark ever I think).  I’m not sure next week’s will be much better given he’s been sporadic about practising them. Swimming This week it was just year 2s swimming instead of years 2-4. N loves that because he gets to move up a group and be with good swimmers and his Saturday teacher. Maths confidence N makes… Continue Reading “School days – Rememberance Day”

School days – cross country and VIP

reading practice

This week was back to school after half term. And we’re on the countdown to Christmas unbelievably.  This week’s school days had a lot going on as usual. School Photos N had to go in with his lopsided haircut. I did cut off the longer straggly bits, but I didn’t want to chop it all short the way he’d started it. So we’ll see what the photo turns out like. Cross country The secondary school for our catchment does a… Continue Reading “School days – cross country and VIP”