School Days – owl day

owl babies homework

This week’s school days was more eventful than normal. The last week before half term, and it feels like they’ve only just gone back after Christmas. Here’s this week. Sick day It’s not often N has a day off sick. This was his second day this year, which is a lot for him. On Sunday he came down with a horrible cold, which continued into Monday. So he had the day off (being bored – at least he does find… Continue Reading “School Days – owl day”

The never-ending multiple roles of a parent

Role of a parent - Bubbablue and me

As our children grow up our relationships with them change.  From a nurturer and carer, to so much more.  If you watch nature documentaries you see how the animal world look after their young, and so often can relate to it. I suppose that’s why sometimes, the softer amongst us may get a little teary when watching and seeing that the young are in danger. There’s less risk for us humans than there are for wildlife, but that inbuilt want… Continue Reading “The never-ending multiple roles of a parent”

Cradle cap in older children

cradle cap in older children - Bubbablue and me

Many people have never heard of Cradle Cap until they have a baby and their beautiful baby ends up with a scaly flaky scalp. I hadn’t even noticed N’s because it wasn’t scaly or flaky. It just looked like he had freckles over part of his head. But then a health visitor was talking to another mum at Baby Café when N was about 6 months old and I realised that his might have been cradle cap too. *Contains affiliate… Continue Reading “Cradle cap in older children”

School Days – times tables tests

reading book comic book

With only a week to go until half term, all the extra parent invite events are kicking off again. Each term the penultimate week is the church service, then the last day of term is always open morning and then target assembly where they get certificates if they’ve reached the level. It’s always a lot of parental asks to attend everything. This week I totally forgot about church until the day before which meant it was too late to work… Continue Reading “School Days – times tables tests”

4 boys on a day out

parenting 4 boys vs 1 - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes as a parent you set up an event or party and think nothing of it. You assume it’ll be easy. And then afterwards you realise there’s a reason why you only have 1 child.  Kudos to all parents (especially single parents) with 4 kids of similar ages.  I don’t know how you do it. For N’s birthday this year he wanted to just go to the pub with all the family. Given that’s 17 people, it would probably have… Continue Reading “4 boys on a day out”

Garmin Vivofit Jr activity tracker for children

Garmin vivofit junior activity tracker

The growth of the activity tracker has been immense over the last few years, and I’ve been one of those who’s loved theirs.  I’ve had a Fitbit One, a Flex that I didn’t believe, and now I have a Fitbit Charge 2 which I love (although the strap broke so I’m frantically awaiting the replacement).  It hasn’t helped with my weight loss, but I think my steps have increased slightly on a working day, although I’m never going to reach… Continue Reading “Garmin Vivofit Jr activity tracker for children”

School days – house tokens and dance

enjoying a 100 piece tower of london jigsaw puzzle

Last week was a quiet school week.  Not a lot going on, just more of the same.  I’m not getting that many exciting conversations about school anymore. Although we still have our bedtime chat about what each of us have done that day, N’s version is a list of lesson times…register, assembly, English, break, maths, lunch, lunchbreak etc. Boring and limited detail unless he all of a sudden remembers something strange or that he believes was wrong. Here’s this week’s… Continue Reading “School days – house tokens and dance”

The 7th birthday interview – how things change

The birthday interview - Bubbablue and me

It’s that time of year again for N’s birthday interview. I love looking back at previous ones to see how they differ.  Of course, he refused to do a video this year, and no photos, but it’s always a great way to have a chat and find out what your children are about. N’s 7 now, and while obviously he’s growing up gradually, it feels like being 7 is a big step up.  It’s his last year in key stage… Continue Reading “The 7th birthday interview – how things change”

School days – parents evening and NSPCC talk

calculator and maths worksheet

What with last weekend being a birthday weekend, I totally forgot to share school days for that week.  There was quite a bit going on last week, although N seemed relaxed about it all. Parents evening I always hope there’s no surprises at parents evening and again there wasn’t.  With the school doing an open morning each half term for parents to go in, look at books and have a quick chat with the teacher, you tend to know how… Continue Reading “School days – parents evening and NSPCC talk”

Staying in vs going out on the farm

Staying in vs going out - Bubbablue and me

Children certainly keep you on your toes. I should have expected that really.  All of last year I moaned that I never saw N at weekends. That he always wanted to be out on the farm.  And often we’d have tears if I suggested he should be coming out somewhere with me because he wanted to stay behind.  But since the Christmas holidays, that seems to have changed.  He’s turned into a home body. Last year, it felt like he… Continue Reading “Staying in vs going out on the farm”