Garmin Vivofit Jr activity tracker for children

Garmin vivofit junior activity tracker

The growth of the activity tracker has been immense over the last few years, and I’ve been one of those who’s loved theirs.  I’ve had a Fitbit One, a Flex that I didn’t believe, and now I have a Fitbit Charge 2 which I love (although the strap broke so I’m frantically awaiting the replacement).  It hasn’t helped with my weight loss, but I think my steps have increased slightly on a working day, although I’m never going to reach… Continue Reading “Garmin Vivofit Jr activity tracker for children”

Bassetts vitamins for healthy kids and family fun

Bassetts vitamins for healthy kids - Bubbablue and me

Autumn’s arrived (although the weather hasn’t really turned cold yet), and winter will soon be upon us.  Lots of people think that means the onslaught of colds and lurgy going round, and having to hibernate inside.  Ok, so everyone likes a bit of chill out time in front of the fire, wrapped in a blanket and watching movies, but there’s so much still to see and do outside in autumn.  We’ve been sent the new Bassetts Vitamins 3-6 Multivitamins +… Continue Reading “Bassetts vitamins for healthy kids and family fun”

Bump on the head and what to watch out for

How to deal with head bumps - Bubbablue and me

The worst thing when your children are at school or nursery, has to be seeing the school office number coming up on your phone.  It’s happened a lot in the past.  At nursery for permission to give calpol and various bumps and scrapes warnings before I turned up and was horrified (well, that one was only once).  And school it seems that a bump on the head is N’s favourite method of injury. In reception year, the school got a… Continue Reading “Bump on the head and what to watch out for”

Nervy start to a new tennis club term

The new term at tennis is always hit and miss with N. It seems he’s now playing tennis three times a week at the moment.  On Mondays at after school tennis club, on Fridays at the tennis club junior lessons (both with the same coach).  And now on Fridays at school, it’s his class’ turn to have tennis from an external coach.  N doesn’t seem too concerned about that, and there’s no other sports that he wants to try.  Other… Continue Reading “Nervy start to a new tennis club term”

A first eye test


When you have a baby, the health check side of things are quite straightforward. You get notifications from your health authority when you need to make appointments. With the dentist, you just take them once their teeth come through, and the dentist prompts it when you go yourself. Then school happens and generally health checks transfer to blanket year group appointments at the school. Reception meant weight check and eye tests, then year 1 to 3 is flu spray time.… Continue Reading “A first eye test”

Joining the tennis club and a clingy child

joining a tennis club - Bubbablue and me

Ever since first playing tennis at school last year N has enjoyed the game. They have an external coach from a local club come in and do junior lessons for them, and after playing in the summer term, N was given a referral letter to play at the club. Tennis was my sport at school (before squash took over at uni and afterwards), so I’m pleased that he enjoys it so much. For a 5 year old, and thinking about… Continue Reading “Joining the tennis club and a clingy child”

Get boys comfortable with dance – inspired by Motionhouse

breaking down dance barriers and inspiring boys - Bubbablue and me

I love dance. So much so that I’ve set up my dance blog to get the word going and try and encourage other people who debate about starting dance but don’t dare. My route back to dancing is a little sporadic during the summer – having a husband who works all hours 7 days a week during harvest and a 5 year old who needs babysitting, isn’t conducive to dancing twice a week. But it’s my passion and it’s great… Continue Reading “Get boys comfortable with dance – inspired by Motionhouse”

The Rio Olympics according to a 5 year old

Rio Olympics according to a 5 year old - Bubbablue and me

N’s been interested in the Rio Olympics since it started.  When we’ve been at home, the Olympics is what has been on tv, mostly because I’m obsessed with the event. I’ve always loved big multi-sport events since childhood.  I think it’s a great opportunity for children to learn more about different sports you’d never hear about otherwise.  And hopefully inspire them to want to try and sport themselves. Compared with the Euros when the OH watched football non-stop, his choice… Continue Reading “The Rio Olympics according to a 5 year old”

Kids get active with Leapfrog Leapband

Kids get active with Leapfrog Leapband - Bubbablue and me

I love my fitbit and I’ve always wanted to give it to N to see how much activity he does during the day compared to me. But instead of risking him losing my Fitbit, Leapfrog sent us a Leapband to try out. N was excited as soon as I opened the parcel up. He loves wearing a watch so the Leapband went down well immediately even before he knew it spoke to him. Yes, he’s a typical child and loves… Continue Reading “Kids get active with Leapfrog Leapband”

The sportswear dilemma of National Sports Week

playing in the garden

Until last week, I’d not felt too pressured by school non-uniform dates. World book day passed pretty easily (I had a plan for Horrid Henry, but N decided he didn’t want to dress up), non-uniform days have either been pj days or just standard non-uniform. I can cope with those. Even the nativity worked out easily with my 5 minute multi character t-shirt costume! But sports week has proved the hardest. Yes, last week was National Sports Week. I didn’t… Continue Reading “The sportswear dilemma of National Sports Week”