Deep tissue massage gun review

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Last year we bought the OH a deep tissue massage gun for his Christmas present. He always moans about aches and pains, especially now he’s getting a bit older. Having a very physical job working with animals, getting on and off farm vehicles, or sitting in a tractor for hours, takes its toll. I’m not a massage fan – receiving or giving – so a deep tissue massage gun was my solution for both him and me. Plus N got excited about using it, so I’m out of a job too!

I wanted to share our experience and the benefits we’ve found using it. The one we bought was from Amazon, but is no longer available. It was one with an LCD display, and 8 different interchangeable attachments. It’s been used a fair amount, although irregularly, and is still going strong with no problems.

You can find a near alternative massage gun with similar attachments and price on Amazon, or at other electrical retailers.

Basically deep tissue massage guns work by targetting certain areas of the body, vibrating a percussion massage into the site to ease pain or tension. If you can’t go for a massage with a trained person, or less regularly than you’d like, these can help ease things and relax muscles.

ball head for massage gun

Benefits of a deep tissue massage gun

1. Interchangeable massage heads which can be used for different parts of the body, giving the correct type of needs for that area.

massage gun attachments

2. Deep relaxation to help relieve muscle tension, stiffness and pain. They’re also said to speed up blood flow to help make a healthier body

3. Adjustable speeds. Ours has 22 speeds that are easily changed, increasing the frequency of the motor movement depending on the muscle strength you need. It’s easily varied according to body part.

4. LCD display for charging and speed. It shows the speed and how much charge is remaining, so you can work out when it needs charging, or your preferred settings.

5. Low noise, some have noise reduction technology and low noise level between 35db and 50db. Ours is more like a gentle buzz (it obviously increases with the higher speeds, but is still relatively quiet)

6. Easy to use on the go once charged. Just pop it in your bag, or take the whole case out with all the parts. The zip round case makes it easy to use when going to the gym or away from home, with a sturdy enough case to keep everything tidy in.

massage gun and attachments in case

7. Ergonomic handle makes it easier to grip. It’s also not too heavy – our son can quite happily use it without getting tired arms.

8. Long battery charge. With a rechargeable battery we find it lasts for quite a while between uses. The 2500mAh battery gives a working time of 5 hours, when using a low speed. Obviously it will depend how often you use the massage gun, but ours last a long time before we need to charge it. It also charges quite fast, so once you notice it needs charging, it’s not long before you can use it again. The only downside is that you can’t use it while charging.

9. So easy children can use it. I’m not sure what age they recommend, but N will happily hold it and give his dad a back massage (saves me doing it). He’s always in charge of it, and decides the attachments, checks the speed. The OH’s never complained!

massage gun details

I opted for one with the functions that we needed, and read up on all the reviews. But we’ve definitely been happy so far. The OH likes the feel of it, and it does seem to help ease some of his aches which is the important part. Plus N likes to think he’s a physio, and that he knows everything about what parts can be massaged, and which attachments to use.

massage gun size

There are many benefits to using a massage gun and you don’t need to be an athlete to find one useful.

If you’re looking to buy one, ours is no longer available. But this massage gun is similar and has good reviews.

Are you a massage fan? What method do you use?

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