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Going organic with Green People Age Defy+ skincare

I have to admit to being a bit slack on the skincare front.  I always cleanse, but I prefer a water based cleanser which is more like a toner (morning face wash in the shower is fine, but I still feel cleaner using a pad and cleanser) to a cream or lotion.  I rarely use moisturiser, unless I’ve been out in the sun, and occasionally I think ‘ooh I’ll use my Clinique Moisture Thirst’ that my best friend gave me.  Despite being nearly 40, I also still get spots so I tend to stick to a decent cover up that’s going to last until at least lunchtime – even lasting coverage make-up or mineral based doesn’t tend to last on me.

But I would like to be able to try to give my skin a breather sometimes, while still looking like I have got smooth clear skin.  And of course, getting older means wanting to keep wrinkles at bay, so I was pleased to try out the new Green People Age Defy+ tinted DD moisturiser.  I’m a fan of Green People – we use their sun lotion for N because it’s got no nasties in it, and was great when his skin was more sensitive, and their bubble bath/shower gel went down well with us as well.

The new Age Defy+ DD moisturiser has a whole range of benefits, with DD cream being the new kid on the block, following on and improving on the properties that BB and CC cream provide.  The benefits include:

  • The UK’s first certified organic moisturiser
  • Includes sea fennel stem cells to help with anti-ageing by stimulating cell renewal, reducing age spots and providing instant moisture.
  • The natural mineral pigments adjust to compliment fair skin
  • Actively brightens and firms skin
  • Colour correction reduces redness and balances out sallow skin tones
  • Has a natural SPF 15 protection, which is pretty much essential nowadays in good skincare.

Essentially, the Green People DD moisturiser is tinted, with a whole lot more included.  It’s available in light or medium tints, and I tried the light which seemed to blend nearest to my skin colour.

Green People Age Defy skincare review - Bubbbablueandme

The big thing I loved about this cream was the smell.  It’s delicious, and much nicer than other skincare I’ve used.  I can really smell the shea butter in it, with other ingredients including jojoba.  The packaging is just right – clean and simple which is perfect for both an organic and ethical brand, as well as a skincare product that should make up a basic part of a cosmetic routine.

I’m all for combining products, but for me it doesn’t do quite everything I need.  For a moisturiser I thought it would feel more liquid, but it felt too dry when put on. I would always have said I have greasy to combination skin, but I found this too dry for everyday use.  I do usually use a foundation and serum 2 in 1 – which initially I found too greasy to start with so maybe the DD cream would feel better after using it for longer than a couple of weeks.

However, I didn’t break out in spots though which is good when trying different skincare.  And the cream also blends in well considering I found it dry.

I’d hoped that being a drier product, it might stay on longer than other tinted moisturisers I’ve tried in the past.  It definitely has more coverage than others I’ve tried, but not enough to smooth out my skin colour.  If you’ve got spotless, even skin tones then the Age Defy+ DD cream will probably work well for you.

So I don’t think this moisturiser is for me, but if you usually use a tinted moisturiser, or have smoother even skin, then this could be the all in one product for you.

You can buy it directly from Green People for £34.95.

Disclosure: I was sent the moisturiser for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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    1. Me too on the whole. To be honest it makes me wonder why I started using it in the first place, because my sister in law’s never used anything other than water and a bit of soap occasionally and has great skin. I still get lots of spots so no chance of that here.

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