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I Want to be a Witch – Halloween books

Crikey, it feels like I’ve not written about books for so long.  We have been reading, well we’ve been reading picture books (I’ve not been reading myself!), and we’ve also had a clear out so we have a tiny amount of space for new books on N’s book shelves.

The latest book we were sent to review is I Want to be a Witch by Ian Cunliffe, one of some new Halloween based launches from Little Tiger Press.

I want to be a witch

I love this book.  It’s about a cheeky little girl who wants to be a witch, but only the good bits.  So no green hair, warts or the like.  I wasn’t sure where the book was going, so it was a lovely end when you find out why the little girl really wants to be a witch.  Nothing like a bit of an unexpected twist at the end!

N’s never really been that keen on books which feature girls as the main character, but he did enjoy I Want to be a Witch.  We were able to talk about the spells, and talk about what the different witches in the book looked like.  And if he’d been a bit of a scared boy, then the fact that the girl wants to be a good witch helps ease a nervous child.

The illustrations are very busy but not over the top, there’s lots to look at, and the story is simple to read with a nice flow.

I think it’s a great book for the run up to Halloween, or if you’ve just got a pre-schooler who’s into witches, wizards and magic.

You can buy I Want to be a Witch from Amazon*.  It’d be a great prize for a Halloween fancy dress party.


Disclosure: I was sent this book to review. All opinions and words are my own.

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