Another of the 2023 January Wasgij releases, Wasgij Original 42 Rule the Runway is another fun jigsaw puzzle.  Taking inspiration from RuPaul’s Drag Race, it’s a riot of colours and costumes.

The box image are recognisable as the famous faces who’ve sat (or could sit) on the tv judging panel. While the competitors aren’t the drag queens you’d expect, but some of the well known Wasgij characters.

wasgij original 42 rule the runway solution

Like all the Wasgij Original range, you need to complete the puzzle by thinking what the people on the box image are viewing. 

It’s a lot of fun and a few surprise positions!

This was back to being an easier of the Wasgij puzzles to complete. There’s lots of characters, lots of colour, and areas are easy to work out.

If you want some help in how to complete a Wasgij (or any other puzzle without using a picture guide), then I have my how to guide. This also includes all my completed Wasgij puzzle solutions.

I don’t puzzle without my portapuzzle* – so handy if you need to use your dining table while doing puzzles.

Find the Rule the Runway puzzle solution below.

wasgij original 42 rule the runway

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