wasgij destiny 170 years of Jumbo

Wasgij Destiny 170 years of Jumbo puzzle solution

One of the special Wasgij puzzles, the latest puzzle is Wasgij 170 Years of Jumbo which sits under the Wasgij Destiny range. This was released to celebrate the manufacturer, something that Wasgij do whenever there’s some kind of anniversary.

wasgij destiny 170 years of Jumbo

As a Wasgij Destiny puzzle, it means you’re trying to solve the puzzle by imagining what the box image would be like into the future.

After finding the more recent puzzles getting more difficult to complete, I found this Wasgij a more straightforward one, mostly because there’s not that much difference in the box image to the solution. The setting is the same, it’s just the characters that are different, but they’re still in largely the same position. Once I realised that, it was fairly easy to complete.

It’s lovely to spot some of the well known characters in the solution, and there’s the usual funny moments to spot as they’re enjoying their celebration of 170 years.

If you want to find my other Wasgij puzzle solutions, you can find them at my step by step guide post. You can buy Wasgij puzzles at Amazon or other puzzle outlets.

Find the solution below.

wasgij destiny 170 years of Jumbo solution

Do let me know how you got on with completing it.

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