Garmin Vivofit Jr activity tracker for children

Garmin vivofit junior activity tracker

The growth of the activity tracker has been immense over the last few years, and I’ve been one of those who’s loved theirs.  I’ve had a Fitbit One, a Flex that I didn’t believe, and now I have a Fitbit Charge 2 which I love (although the strap broke so I’m frantically awaiting the replacement).  It hasn’t helped with my weight loss, but I think my steps have increased slightly on a working day, although I’m never going to reach… Continue Reading “Garmin Vivofit Jr activity tracker for children”

Discovering a dream pet with Petplan

dream pet - stripy 4 legged soft toy creation

This is a collaborative post N would love a pet of his own.  He tells me that it’s not the same having his own sheep (10 and all look like they’ll be lambing this February), and cows (2 cows, 1 has just calved).  And that the dogs on the farm aren’t really his.  But he’ll have to wait for a real puppy of his own in a few year’s time. In the meantime we’ve been lucky enough to work with… Continue Reading “Discovering a dream pet with Petplan”

Ravensburger World Landmarks jigsaw puzzle

ravensburger world landmarks puzzle

I go through winter phases. One year I’ll be into crochet, then next books are the only thing I’ll do outside of blogging.  This year it’s all about jigsaw puzzles.  The latest one I’m doing is Ravensburger’s World Landmarks that I was sent to review. N gets a bit annoyed when I get a new puzzle because he always wants to join in, and when they’re a 1000 pieces, they’re just too overwhelming and he can’t see what needs putting… Continue Reading “Ravensburger World Landmarks jigsaw puzzle”

Marwell Zoo and the Great Brick Safari

Marwell Zoo Great Brick Safari - Bubbablue and me

Whenever we go away, I always plan to write up several of our days out. But bizarrely out day trip to Marwell Zoo on the way home from Southsea in September passed me by. Gutted because it was a great day out. So I’m bringing you a delayed look at what we got up to when we visited. I’d always heard great things about Marwell Zoo and we were looking forward to checking it out. The weather was lovely and… Continue Reading “Marwell Zoo and the Great Brick Safari”

Smashing fun with Smashers sports toy collectibles

Smashers packs

Like so many children N loves a collectable. Actually I lie. He likes the opening up and surprise of a collectable.  Then they get left somewhere and forgotten about.  Then eventually I throw them out and he never notices.  I tend to get a stash of them for rewards – when he completes a row of stickers he gets to lucky dip and pull one out.  But it’s rare he ever gets more than a couple from a range. But… Continue Reading “Smashing fun with Smashers sports toy collectibles”

First time excitement learning to drive with Young Driver

1st driving experience with young driver - bubbablue and me

When I heard about courses where children could learn to drive and then spotted that under 10s had their own version, I realised that it would make a perfect Christmas present for N.  But I was offered a review session so the 2 became one. N went on his Firefly lesson the other day. If you’ve not come across Young Driver before, they’re an organisation who offer driving lessons for under 17s.  The ethos being that teaching children to drive… Continue Reading “First time excitement learning to drive with Young Driver”

Enjoying pancakes at Little Amsterdam Banbury

Pancakes at little amsterdam - bubbablue and me.

We love pancakes in our house. As with most people it’s rare we have them more frequently than the lemon and sugar ones on pancake day.  But sometimes you just fancy them at other times.  Locally we’re lucky enough to have a dutch pancake restaurant, Little Amsterdam Banbury. N had never been before, but we went to the cinema to see Paddington 2 (how cute is that film, we loved it…and I shed a tear or two at the end)… Continue Reading “Enjoying pancakes at Little Amsterdam Banbury”

Checking out the new Westgate Oxford shopping centre

Westgate Oxford shopping centre - Bubbablue and me

When you’ve got a child, shopping for leisure takes on a whole new meaning. i.e. it doesn’t really happen unless you have the time while the child is in school. I was invited to visit the newly opened Westgate Oxford shopping centre and was finally able to get there when N was out on a shoot day with his dad. Bliss, a day to shop with vouchers, and enjoy a relaxing time to myself. I lived in Oxford for over… Continue Reading “Checking out the new Westgate Oxford shopping centre”

Enjoying the outdoors with Trespass coats

Outdoors fun with trespass coats - Bubbablue and me

The weather’s certainly turned colder here, and we’re expecting a cold spell on the way.  Being sent coats from Trespass was perfect timing. I don’t mind the cold as long as I’m dressed for the weather, and sometimes I can get a little hot so I need outerwear that’s easy to strip on and off when needed.  As for N he’s always outdoors and seems to grow out of coats quickly, or he needs them for several different events. For… Continue Reading “Enjoying the outdoors with Trespass coats”

Wasgij puzzle – Christmas 2 in 1 Turkey’s Delight review

wasgij puzzle turkeys delight

I go through phases with jigsaw puzzles, and this autumn has seen me get back into them again.  It started with the lovely and relaxing Falcon de Luxe Christmas 2 in 1 puzzle, but has now moved onto a first for me. A Wasgij puzzle, the Christmas 2 in 1 jigsaw, named Turkey Delight. If you’ve never come across Wasgij before, they’re like a mystery in themselves.  The picture on the box isn’t what the jigsaw image ends up like. … Continue Reading “Wasgij puzzle – Christmas 2 in 1 Turkey’s Delight review”