wasgij cafe to latte

Wasgij Destiny 27 Cafe to Latte solution

My Wasgij puzzling has been on a mission recently trying to get the Wasgij Destiny 27 Cafe to Latte solution done, so I can move onto the newly ordered release. It’s great when there’s so many Wasgij puzzles released, but it’s hard to keep up when there’s limited time around work and blogging.

wasgij cafe to latte

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This Cafe to Latte puzzle is set in a tea room or cafe. The aim is to work out what this image would look like if transported into the future. So think coffee shop with fancy milkshakes and huge menus of coffees.

I found this puzzle quite straightforward to complete.  There’s a large text area which always helps to get things started, and the colours are striking and easy to find the right places.  Of course some of the favourite characters are in place. And the usual funny chaos is happening in the solution.

You can find the Wasgij Destiny 27 Cafe to Latte solution further down this post.

If you’re looking for tips on doing Wasgij puzzles, then check out my step by step guide. You’ll also find all my other Wasgij solutions listed there too.

If you need a board to do puzzles on, my reliable favourite is the portapuzzle*, which holds 1000 piece puzzles.

See the Destiny 27 Cafe to Latte solution below.

wasgij destiny 27 cafe to latte solution

Hope you enjoy completing it yourself. Let me know how you get on.

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