ultimate flapjack recipe

Unbeatable easy flapjack with condensed milk recipe

Try this ultimate delicious flapjack recipe with condensed milk

I go through baking phases. The OH always moans because sod’s law when I bake a cake, there’s usually one on the go at the farm as well. But I love flapjacks for ease of baking them, as well as them being able to be kept for a few days.

Cakes don’t always get eaten at home, especially if I’m on a diet. The family will usually eat it for a couple of days and then they moan it’s gone off – even if it’s fine. Work ends up benefitting instead. At the moment I’m working from home, so I like to make a dessert for them. It keeps them topped up for a few days when I can’t get to the shop to buy pastries.

I usually have most staples in the larder. That means flapjacks are a go to because they’re easily made with just a few store cupboard basics. You can make amazing flapjacks with condensed milk, and the recipe is incredibly simple.

condensed milk flapjack

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N isn’t a flapjack fan. I’ve no idea why, because he likes cereal bars and oats. But I do know the OH will eat it for several days. The great thing about flapjack (apart from the taste) is that it lasts without too much storage effort.

An easy condensed milk flapjack recipe is an ideal first bake to make with children. Minimal ingredients, satisfying to lick the spoon.

How to make condensed milk flapjacks

The hardest part is working out when they’re ready to come out of the oven. You don’t want them to catch a darker brown; a golden brown means they’ll still be a bit sticky when you’re eating them. Too long in the oven and they’ll break your teeth but you can keep checking until you think they’re be ready.

I make cuts in the surface after they’ve been taken out of the oven, to help cut them once they’ve cooled down. You can serve cut into squares and piled on a plate, or straight out of the tin. Just watch out for non stick bakeware – use a decent thickness of greaseproof / baking paper underneath and a normal kitchen knife to cut the flapjack rather than a sharper knife.

You can use a baking tin – any shape you want, or even a glass Pyrex dish like this one. As long as it’s ovenproof and has a reasonable side on it, it’ll work fine. Just bake for 20 minutes, cool the mixture in the tin, then cut into squares once cool.

Depending on how dry the mix was before baking, the crumbliness will vary. You can just alter the recipe according to preference. A moister mixture will result in a soft in the middle flapjack bake.

For more indulgence, melt milk or dark chocolate and drizzle over the flapjack artistically. Or cover completely, once the condensed milk flapjack is cooled. Let it set before cutting and eating.

Store in Tupperware or in the baking tin somewhere cool. We leave ours in the tin in the larder, on top of the freezer, with a bit of foil to cover. But anywhere away from heat or the sun works. Don’t store your flapjack in the fridge.

You can add chocolate chips, glace cherries, dried fruits or raisins to the oat mix if you want to add variety. We prefer it unadulterated.

Read the Alternative Flapjack flavours post for more ideas

Make the unbeatable flapjack with condensed milk

These flapjacks are easy to make, with just five ingredients. The condensed milk makes them richer and tastier than plain ones. It’s as easy as melting butter in a large saucepan or bowl, adding the other ingredients, then baking. Anyone can make them!

condensed milk flapjacks recipe
Melt butter and sugar together
melted butter and sugar
Add condensed milk and golden syrup
oats in butter and sugar
Stir in the porridge oats
oaty flapjack mix in tin with condensed milk
Spread the oaty mix into a tin
how to cut flapjacks
Bake in the oven
ultimate flapjack recipe with condensed milk

Flapjacks might have oats in which are good for slow release of energy. But with butter, condensed milk, sugar and syrup, these are definitely not healthy!

Tips for making perfect flapjacks

Can you freeze flapjacks?

Yes. Cut into squares, layer in a tupperware container between baking paper or parchment, put the lid on and freeze for up to 3 months. Defrost as you need them, at room temperature for about 20-30 minutes.

Can I boil a tin of condensed milk?

Yes. Boil an unopened tin in a deep pan, with the water covering the top of the tin, for 3 hours. Keep topping up the water. Leave to cool completely, then open and use. It will have turned into caramel and you can use it to give flapjacks a more toffee flavour.

How long will flapjacks last?

Even without storing it properly, and just leaving it to cut into when they fancy it, our last 5 days with no issues. In an airtight container, it should last a bit longer (if it’s not eaten by then).

Can you make flapjacks with porridge oats?

Of course! If you use rolled or jumbo oats for a flapjack recipe, you’ll end up with a slightly more crunchy mixture. Using porridge oats to make flapjacks will often result in a slightly softer mixture. They’re both delicious, so why not try both versions and see which you prefer?

Can you make flapjacks without golden syrup?

You can make flapjacks without golden syrup. If you don’t have access to syrup, the nearest equivalent to golden syrup in the US is corn syrup. But you can also make flapjacks with honey or agave nectar. You might not need as much sugar because these replacements are very sweet. Look for the texture being right, rather than sticking to exact measures. If your mix is too sticky, just add some more oats.

chocolate flapjacks with porridge oats

Try these Alternative Flapjack flavours to pimp up your flapjacks.

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ultimate flapjack recipe

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