wasgij mystery 23 pooch parlour

Wasgij Mystery 23 Pooch Parlour! solution

Wasgij usually release puzzles twice a year, in January and June. This time round there were 3 releases including a Christmas one, and the latest I’ve completed. Wasgij Mystery 23 Pooch Parlour! Below I’m sharing the solution in case you need some help in solving it.

Pooch Parlour! was another fun puzzle with lots going on. It’s bright and colourful, and like many of the newer puzzles, it’s an easy one to get started with.

wasgij mystery 23 pooch parlour

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With the Wasgij Mystery range, to solve the puzzle you need to work out what happens next. You can probably imagine with animals involved!

Some of the regular characters appear, taking their dogs in for a wash and trim. There’s also the amusing sights to see.

Scroll down to see the final solution in picture and video format.

If you’re starting out with Wasgij puzzles and want a guide on how to complete them, then you can check out my post on how to do a Wasgij puzzle where you can also find all my other Wasgij solution posts.

My tip for doing puzzles is to use a portapuzzle then you don’t need to take over your kitchen table for days on end.

wasgij mystery 23 pooch parlour solution

Let me know how you get on with this one.

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