Boys summer clothes at Mothercare - Bubbablue and me

Summer clothes at Mothercare

When I shop for clothes there’s always the same shops I go to.  Mothercare is one of the shops that is still there in our town but I rarely visit now N’s that bit older.  I usually nip in on the off chance, usually to check out swim wear or basic t shirts, but rarely buy much.  So when offered some summer clothes for review I was looking forward to seeing what was available now N’s in that awkward age where he’s too old for preschool wear, but not old enough for some of the dull dreary older boys wear.

The one range I hear and see a lot about is Jools Oliver’s Little Bird range.  When I shop for N online I just filter by size and look at what’s available, and this sail boat t shirt jumped out as being cute, but still ‘old’ enough for a 5 year old who’s growing up rapidly.  I also chose a stripy polo shirt, because little boys look adorable in them (plus they’re great for keeping the sun off necks), some bright blue shorts and a sunhat.

Mothercare boys summer clothes

The clothes arrived quickly and I was impressed with the quality.  A good thickness of cotton for the t shirts, and nice shape of shorts.  The hat was floppier than I expected a bucket hat to be, but it fits N well – no worry about it being too small.

I do sometimes worry that N will turn his nose up at clothes, but at the moment he’s still happy to wear what I buy, and he was really pleased with the t-shirts and shorts.  Last weekend all were worn when out and about, and there was no mention of uncomfortable buttons, labels or adjustable waist tags.

The sailboat t shirt is my favourite.  I’m glad I ordered an age 6-7 because it’s a small fit and the size down wouldn’t have lasted the summer.  I do like all over prints but some of the brighter ones I see look more like pyjama tops.  Not this one.

Mothercare summer clothes

The stripy polo shirt is a little long (and seemingly totally different sizing to the Little bird sailing t shirt.  But there’s plenty of growing room and N doesn’t mind an oversized t shirt.  I like the colours, my only disappointment was the ‘Awesome’ logo on the front.  I’m not so keen on ‘cool’ logos, I’d rather just have plain, but it’s subtle so not too noticeable.

At Croome Park playground in mothercare outfit

The shorts fit N really well.  They were age 6, a lovely bright blue colour and the adjustable waist is essential for most boys.  I was surprised that it was a button rather than hook fastening like most of his trousers are, but he didn’t seem too worried about that.  The elasticated waist at the back means he just pulls them up and down when needed anyway.

striding dad and son - mothercare shorts

The only item N didn’t want to wear was the star sunhat.  I wasn’t too sure about the colours for this, but it’s not too garish which means it’ll go with most clothes N wears over the summer.  He did say after a long walk in the sun that he should have listened to me and worn his hat but hey, mum’s always right even if he doesn’t listen the first time.  I’m not sure whether his head will get really hot wearing it because it’s more like a jersey than usual bucket sun hats which are a stiffer cotton.  But we’ll see when he spends a whole day in the sun wearing it.

The clothes certainly didn’t stop him working out on the farm (and going perfectly with his Boden reversible jersey hoody), or on the playground at Croome Park.  I loved how smart they make him look.  People do say they dress their children in scruffy gear for playing out but I’d rather N got good wear out of his clothes and he will do from these.

I’ll definitely be checking out more of the Mothercare boys range now I know that they fit N well and he’s happy wearing them.

Boys summer clothes at Mothercare - Bubbablue and me


Disclosure: We were sent clothes of our choice for the purpose of review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. They’re nice items! You made me laugh with that comment about itchy labels and waistbands! Oh my, I was THAT CHILD too (and still am that adult!) – I couldn’t STAND labels and I hated most cardigans which I always found itchy!

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