walking on aid with a review of Wolky Wedge sandals - Bubbablue and me

Walking on air with Wolky Sandals – Review

Whenever it’s time to get new shoes, my heart sinks.  We don’t gain weight on our feet, so in theory shoes should always fit. But I always struggle to find a well fitting pair of shoes because a 5 is too small but size 6s are like boats.  Wolkyshop asked me to review a pair of wedge sandals and I prayed they would fit!

The Wolky brand is new to the UK, and recently opened a shop in Brighton.  I don’t like to spend a lot of money on shoes – boots yes, shoes no. Wolky shoes are not cheap but having worn them, I may be a convert to investing a bit more money in seasonal shoes.

Wolky is a Dutch brand with 11 shops in the Netherlands. Wolky’s name comes from the Dutch word for ‘cloud’ and their shoes focus on comfort. Their shoes are anatomically shaped with leather covered footbeds that mould to your feet. The brand focuses on good quality and soft materials so I was looking forward to trying them out.I do like shoes to be comfortable and well made.

Review of Wolky Wedge sandals - Bubbablue and me

I decided on a pair of chunky wedge sandals.  I’m really fussy about shoes. The straps need to  be right, they can’t look too frumpy, they need to look right when looking down at my feet, the heels need to be right etc.  But the sandals I chose seemed to fit when I spotted them on the website.  I’m not keen on buying shoes from websites but with Wolky the multiple different angled pictures with all the different colours gave me confidence the sandals would look as I expected.

Usually I find that wedge sandals start off comfortable and then get painful. I’ve yet to find a pair I can wear comfortably all day or evening.  Added to that, I’ve not worn heels apart from a pair of boots for evening meals out, for years. Wearing the Wolky sandals was a big test for me.

Wolky sandals wedges

The sandals were well packaged, with plenty of information about Wolky.  Opening the box, they were just the right colour – a mid tan. I did worry how small they looked.  I’m usually a size 5 to 5.5, but I’ve got dance sandals that are a 4.5, and other shoes that range from a 5 to 6.  So I opted for a size 6 just to make sure they fitted. These did look too small but when I tried them on they were exactly the right length.

Wolky wedge sandals

I often struggle to get straps that are long enough, but with Wolky shoes there’s enough length in the strap that I don’t need to go to the final hole.  Comfort wise the back strap round the back of the heel is adjustable with velcro. Round of applause for the person who thought of that because it really helps them fit snuggly, and gives you the ability to readjust throughout the day if needed.

The sole is padded too, so no excuses for not standing all day in them.  The wedge isn’t so steep that your legs feel stretched or tight.

wearing wolky wedges with jeans

I could be really picky and say they look a bit clumpy and frumpy – rounded toe, style of strap. But the overall look is nice and I think I’m just being overly fussy. The Wolky sandals certainly got a good reception when I shared them on Instagram. They’re a versatile colour, perfect for summer, and there’s a couple of other variations available as well.  I can see me wearing these during the day and evening with jeans and linen trousers, and maybe even shorts or a skirt if I get my legs out for the summer.

These sandals are available on the Wolkyshop website, priced around £85.  I think the value based on number of wears is going to be a lot better than my old pair of wedges which I can only wear occasionally for a couple of hours at a time, and if I’m not walking anywhere in them.  My only tip would be go for a half size larger as this pair did come up small for a size 6.

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Wolky sandals for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. I would love to win the FAIRTON, Article: 0383 Fairton, Colour: 380 blue leather. They would be great to wear on any interview I have. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  2. It would be the RIO sandals and the first place I would wear them is to our minimoon in Scotland!

  3. I like the Tour shoes in silver. I’d wear them when I go out to run errands as I currently wear trainers because none of my sandals are comfy enough.

  4. i like the roll sneakers and would wear them everywhere but proberly shopping first

  5. I would choose this pair to wear on next winter holiday as I cannot go on holiday this summer

  6. I would choose the same ones as you reviewed but in red, to walk around on holiday with

  7. I would love these beauties, ready for the summer and plenty of beach breaks.

  8. I can’t wear shoes that are too high, and if there is height only wedges so I would choose the 1176 DO in silver, they look so comfy while feminine! I could wear them anywhere over the summer

  9. I love the Biker style shoes and would wear them on a day out shopping as they look so comfy

  10. I like the Evia sandals in Taupe, they look really comfy & I find a wedge a lot easier to walk in these days

  11. I would choose the FAIRTON ballerina pumps, and would be walking on air at work all day.

  12. IXIA sandals in red they look stylish yet comfortable. I’d wear them to visit friends

  13. I would choose the 1482 EWOOD trainers in black leather, and I would wear them almost everywhere as I don’t have a pair of trainers, thanks for the chance x

  14. I like the look of 0381 Solano and they’d be perfect for a walk around the lake

  15. I think I’d choose the 5800 e-walk and the first place I would wear them would be on a dog walk 🙂

  16. 9455 Vancouver – I’d wear them as soon as they arrived, whatever the occasion!

  17. I like the escape noble. I’d wear them on a shopping spree with my friends. They look amazing.

  18. I would like the Cordoba in Blue and they would be great for my holiday to France later this year. I need comfortable shoes.

  19. I would buy these shoes for my Mother as she would enjoy wearing them whilst walking: 4701FLY in White with a black trim.

  20. I would choose the mentha sandals and first place I’d wear them, depends when they arrive as they’d go straight on after being delivered 😀

  21. I would pick the Rolling Summer sandals & I would wear them on long summer walks 🙂 x

  22. I would choose the Target in red and would wear them on my holiday to Menorca first of all.

  23. I’d pick the Sunshine white/silver sandals and wear them everywhere from shopping to day trips out with the kids x

  24. I would choose Shallow and wear them waking along the British South coast from Brighton to Chichester

  25. The Tour shoes in light blue as they are the perfect summer shoe to go to the shops in as they are a light summery colour but are also practical if it rains.

  26. In love with the 4629 Rose 2, I had a really similar pair that broke last week!

  27. I would choose the Cordoba in blue, and I would wear them on a walk by the sea.

  28. Love these, and they won’t float off in the sea like my flip flop did last year!

  29. I would choose these: as they look stylish and I would wear them to the pub

  30. I love the 4631 Evia and I’d wear them to my dad’s 60th birthday BBQ

  31. I would choose the Evia taupe leather Colour. I would wear them on our holiday 🙂

  32. I like the star in black, with having wide feet, the velco fastening would be ideal.

  33. To a summer garden party I’ve been invited to! I want style but NEED comfort!

  34. I would choose the NYC sandals which would be perfect for our family days out

  35. I love the 1225 Biker trainers. Just can’t quite decide on the colour I prefer.

  36. I love the pink salmon Murray boots and I would wear them to take the kids for a nice walk!

  37. Light in black – no not sexy, but I h ave swollen feet, wide fitting without that, and MS so need flat stable shoes. I would wear them everywhere! Which isn’t very many places really.

  38. I love the Cleopatra Sandals – I need a sandal that is fully adjustable and these look perfect. I’d wear them for the first time on our holiday to Blackpool at the end of June :o)

  39. cordoba would be my favourite and they look comfy enough that i would wear on school run

  40. CORDOBA, they look great. As unexciting as it sounds, their first trip out would be to the supermarket so that I could gauge just how comfy they are.

  41. KIOWA style shoes as they look amazing and would be an alternative to wearing trainers; never seem to find comfy shoes

  42. I’d love the silver version of the 1226 Tour shoes. They look so comfortable I think I would wear them everywhere

  43. I think I’d pick a new pair of sandals for my husband and I’m sure he’d wear them everywhere this summer!

  44. Really love the 7201 Rolling Summer sandal in Grey Leather and would wear them into town to do some shopping as they look comfortable for walking about in.

  45. 4640 NYC – 543 cognac panther oiled leather.

    Love these – think I would wear them all the time!

  46. Those sandals look lovely. I like the 1226 TOUR in pale blue, thanks for the lovely giveaway.

    1. I forgot to add I’d wear them for the school run and when I’m out shopping.

  47. i like the gloriosa wedges in black. I’d wear them everywhere, for a night out or a day of shopping 🙂

  48. The Orange Biker shoes are fab. I’d probably wear them for a walk to the local shops as soon as they arrived!

  49. i’d try the aspe ones in red. i love red and they’fd be great for the summer

  50. I’d have the Do and I’d wear them for walking around everywhere. My feet and ankles swell up in the hot weather especially if I’m in flat shoes which unfortunately I have to wear all night at work so my poor knackered, swollen (and possibly stinky) tootsys could do with a really comfy pair of sandals.

  51. I would choose the Chico 815 taupe leather and would wear them on a day out to Hatfield House

  52. The biker style in black would look great with my outfit for a friend birthday party

  53. The Up and Go shoes look comfy and I would wear them for long summer walks in the countryside

  54. The LA style looks great and would be perfect for a friend’s wedding this summer xx

  55. I would choose the SUNSHINE sandals and I would wear they everywhere during the Spring/summer

  56. I think it would have to be the Rumba, they’re classic so you could wear them for any occasion! I’d team them up with a nice pair of Jeans and a bright top and go to our local with Mr Rose and our two little boys for a lovely summer evening out in the sun.

  57. I think I would choose 0932 Pistol, they would go lovely with one of my favourite dresses and I would wear them out for a coffee with my mum. 🙂

  58. The Up or the Go shoes look really comfortable. I’d wear them around the house and for informal summer walking about

  59. very hard to choose I do like the 2026 Rivera style shoes tho to wear for my up coming holiday in aug x

  60. The JEWEL ones in Denim Blue – I’d wear them shopping – they look so comfy x

  61. They look like really comfy sandals and I would wear them taking the kids to school as soon as we see some sun xx

  62. I love the Cleopatra Sandals and would wear them when we go on holiday next month :o)

  63. I would choose the Sandals called Up & I would wear them first to my local seaside 🙂

  64. I’d choose the 1225 Biker shoes and wear them on my upcoming holiday to Yorkshire.

  65. Oh fantastic I love the coral biker boots, really like the style and colour! I would wear them in the summer on my travels 🙂

  66. i love these and want them in every colour, they look amazing and would be great for holidays. so the first place i would wear them would be to the airport to start the holiday!

  67. I’d pick the murray boots for the missus and she would probably wear them to the shops

  68. I like the Salvia sandals – and think they would be just lovely for my holidays

  69. I’d like the Salvia sandals and i’d wear them on my cruise next month they lok great and so comfy

  70. I think I’d love the Silky Mary Jane shoes, I’d love to wear them just-everywhere! They look so comfortable x

  71. love the look of these wedge sandals – I can’t wear flats as have issues with my ankle, so they would be perfect for summer 🙂

  72. I’ve got plenty of summer shoes but would love some decent boots, so would probably choose the Aras ones and wear them first for my son’s birthday in the Autumn.

  73. I really want a nice pair of comfortable black shoes for work. The Tunica has potential. I generally prefer lace up shoes because I have more control over the fit.

  74. I like the Pima in denim blue – I would wear them on the school run , they look comfortable.

  75. I love the Aurora stripey shoes, and I would wear them the very next time I left the house 🙂

  76. The Silky in sand suede, they look really comfortable. I’d definitely wear them shopping!

  77. I’d like the Salvia sandals and the first place I’d go is to visit my mum.

  78. the light blue tour shoes look so comfy & perfect for a stroll around the lake with the children

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