Swimming pool safety and distracted parents

swimming pool safety - Bubbablue and me

Water and swimming pool safety is the reason why most parents sign their children up for swimming lessons.  Or maybe I’m missing something?  So why on earth do some parents take along toddlers to watch their siblings swim and then not keep an eye on what the toddler is doing? N has been in swimming lessons since 3 months old.  Yes, by now you’d imagine he would be on the verge of swimming miles and becoming a youth team swimmer,… Continue Reading “Swimming pool safety and distracted parents”

School swimming lessons – how to prep your children

school swimming lessons preparations - Bubbablue and me

Swimming and water safety is now part of the National Curriculum. Yes, yet another thing that schools are now responsible for which seems a little unfair. But it does mean that all kids should be able to swim by the time they leave primary school, including those whose parents don’t get them lessons outside of school, or never take them swimming.  I think the level they need to reach is quite high – in my view you don’t need to… Continue Reading “School swimming lessons – how to prep your children”

How long does it take to learn to swim

I’ve said many times that I’ve despaired over N’s swimming. He’s been having lessons since he was 3 months old, so nearly 6 years later he should really be able to swim reasonable well by now.  But he still can’t swim on his back without a float aid, and even on his front it’s hard going. With a float belt (at the minimal level) he’s great. He’s fast with a float, his legs are strong, and he does everything he… Continue Reading “How long does it take to learn to swim”

Swimming trunks for boys – shopping nightmares

Swimming trunks for boys and shopping nightmares- Bubbablue and me

I’ve found in the past that whenever I’ve wanted to buy the next size up clothes for N, I always struggle to find the size I’m after. It’s almost like the whole of our town have gone out and bought every item of clothing in that size just before I have. Sods law. But I’ve never been as exasperated as I have the last couple of weeks trying to buy swimming trunks for boys. Of course, if N was like… Continue Reading “Swimming trunks for boys – shopping nightmares”

The big transition from baby and toddler swimming

What's the big transition from baby swimming to child swimming lessons - Bubbablue and me

I couldn’t imagine not having swum with N from a young age. My own journey with learning to swim was very up and down from age 5 to 7, and the OH isn’t keen on swimming, so I wanted to make sure N was capable of swimming as a child.  We started his lessons at 3 months old along with most of my NCT group in a Water Babies class together. In the 5 1/2 years he’s been to swimming lessons,… Continue Reading “The big transition from baby and toddler swimming”

Swimming with Baby Swimming Shop accessories

kids shortie wetsuit

N’s been swimming for 5 ½ years – you’d think by now he’d be able to swim unaided for a decent distance, but no not yet. N does everything in his own time. However after our experience trying out some Zoggs seal dive sticks and a swim fin from Baby Swimming Shop, I’m thinking we might have progressed further using these in the past. Baby Swimming Shop, despite the name, isn’t just for babies. They also sell children’s swimwear and… Continue Reading “Swimming with Baby Swimming Shop accessories”

10 top tips to get your child to love the water

baby swimming and how to get your child to love the water - Bubbablue and me

When N swam with Water Babies I wrote a post on how to get your child to love swimming.  In one of those strange blogging occurrences that post disappeared, so I decided to rewrite and share our experience.  I certainly found comfort in talking to another mum who’d gone through similar experiences to me when swimming with N as a toddler.  So the more information and tips parents can take on board and try, can only help. The background to… Continue Reading “10 top tips to get your child to love the water”

5 things that swimming lessons teach children

5 things that swimming lessons teach children

After swimming with Water Babies for just under four years, N has done two terms of swimming lessons at the local pool.  It was the first time he had been in the pool on his own without me, and I was really worried how he’d take to it. Thankfully after making me walk him to the teacher at the first lesson so she could put on his float belt, he then sat at the edge of the pool along with… Continue Reading “5 things that swimming lessons teach children”

Boys swimwear from House of Fraser

Swimwear’s a bit of an unknown for me with N.  When he was at Water Babies, it was easy.  A happy nappy plus then a rash vest because I didn’t want him shivering, plus it was easier to grab him rather than a wriggly bare torso.  But moving on from that has meant some thinking was required. Now he’s in normal children’s swimming lessons, I’ve continued with the rash vest which is the norm for him, and have had to… Continue Reading “Boys swimwear from House of Fraser”