A confidence boost through swimming alone

swimming indoor hotel pool

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last swimming post.  I’ve a few brewing, but just haven’t had the chance to put them down on paper. N’s been swimming at normal pool lessons now for 5 weeks.  I really wasn’t sure how he’d get on at making the transition from going swimming with me to being in the pool on his own especially given the ups and downs he’s had in the past.  But it’s been brilliant.  He’s… Continue Reading “A confidence boost through swimming alone”

The truth about booking swimming lessons

en route to swimming

I wrote a few weeks ago that N had now graduated from Water Babies now he’s four.  You’d think it would be simple to just transfer him over to new swimming classes and all would be lovely and fine. However, if you’ve never tried to get your child (and I’m talking post-baby swimming lessons) into swimming lessons and haven’t had them on a waiting list since birth, then start thinking about it now.  It can be a total nightmare. I’ve… Continue Reading “The truth about booking swimming lessons”

Living Arrows 2015 week 6 – Water Babies graduation

Water Babies graduation day- final swim - living arrows

It was a big week this week…N graduated from his Water Babies swimming lessons.  He had a great last week of swimming after swimming with them since he was 3.5 months old. Ok, so he still can’t (more like won’t) swim more than a little way, and even that takes some encouragement.  But he loves to be in the pool, will take part in all the activities, and this week was even swimming to the edge without turning back to… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 6 – Water Babies graduation”

Swimming with Mums or Dads

swimming boy

Following on from my post about Dads and family photographs, I’ve been thinking about swimming as well.  In our swimming lessons, there’s quite often more Dads than Mums in the water, mainly because it’s a Saturday, and it seems to be more a dad thing to do with children, if they’re not at work. But not us.  N’s been swimming for a couple of months short of 4 years, and his dad has not once been to watch him swim. … Continue Reading “Swimming with Mums or Dads”

New swimming strokes and butterfly legs

swimming boy

It was such a long time ago now I don’t really remember anything about learning to swim myself. I remember going to the leisure centre at primary school and learning crawl and back stroke but that was it. I never passed my bronze award because I couldn’t surface dive for 10 metres, and even at secondary school I don’t remember being taught strokes.  We were just told to swim the different strokes, if you couldn’t do them it was a… Continue Reading “New swimming strokes and butterfly legs”

Swimming underwater and Nemo chats

swimming boy

Before our last swimming lesson it felt like such a long time since the session before Christmas. Needless to say we didn’t get to the pool over the Christmas holidays, but N didn’t seem too worried about the break. N really enjoyed being back in the pool…once he was in it.  Getting him to actually jump in to me was interesting, as everyone else had jumped in, he was still faffing and trying to negotiate me standing nearer!  I do… Continue Reading “Swimming underwater and Nemo chats”

Upcoming Water Babies swimming graduation

swimming boy

Today, we got N’s graduation letter and certificate from Water Babies.  Sad occasion, but also a sign of how far he’s come. We don’t actually finish with Water Babies until he turns 4, so we’ll swim with them until the end of their term in February.  Then it’s a change of class, although not pool because I’ve managed to book N onto one of the last spaces at the classes run by the pool. His last lesson with Water Babies… Continue Reading “Upcoming Water Babies swimming graduation”

Swimming teacher connections

swimming boy

Although we’ve always swum with Water Babies, N’s had a few teachers during his 3 years of swimming.  Mostly to do with changing days, going from a Wednesday to Friday, and for the last 18 months or so, to a Saturday. However, there’s obviously been holiday cover and teachers moving to different areas or jobs which means we’ve had  weeks where we’ve had stand ins or swaps for a couple of weeks. N’s teacher for the last 18 months taught… Continue Reading “Swimming teacher connections”

To talk or not to talk about swimming?

swimming boy

Both N and I are a tad on the chatty side…(except him on the way home from nursery).  I’ve always been of the belief that a child will be a lot more stable and happier if they have things explained to them, so they feel like part of the decision, or explanation as to why they have to do or not do certain things. So far it’s worked quite well.  N’s generally a well balanced little boy (he’d say big… Continue Reading “To talk or not to talk about swimming?”

Swimming confidence and bathtime nightmare

swimming boy

After a good few weeks at swimming, but one missed due to chicken pox, we went back last weekend with me hoping that the week off hadn’t put N back a bit. Sometimes we find a short break does some good but as we were on a roll I had my fingers crossed. Oddly after some great weeks where N was happily taking part in every task they were asked to do, he seemed to have a drop of swimming… Continue Reading “Swimming confidence and bathtime nightmare”