I am a planner by nature. But sometimes spontaneous is good. And we had a lovely spontaneous day recently when N arrived home off the farm at 9.45am announcing that he wanted to go swimming.

How many people defuzz regularly unless they swim all the time? Spontaneous swimming wasn’t going to happen.  Instead I offered up a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon and the paddling pool there.  The weather was hot, and we would still be early enough to miss the worst of the crowds.  When you’ve a 7 year old, it doesn’t take long to get packed up with drinks, snacks and swim gear before getting out the door.

30 minutes later we were parked in the recreation ground car park, with N determined to get his scooter out. At high 20C temperatures I wasn’t keen to walk too far, but he was off, so we walked and scooted, having a nosy at the tennis courts as we went past.

Thankfully the gym equipment was calling and it was back to the shady cover of the trees for a bit of exercise. N is bossy and like to tell me what exercise to do.  It’s amazing to see how much he’s grown since we were last there.  He can now pedal the bike and sit down, and also reach the pull down arm bars (just about)

microscooter against a tree

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The splash pool was calling, but first an ice cream stop. Talk about inflation since last year, and compared with one bought at a village fete the day before.

I love a park with a splash park. Yes, some of the children can be annoying. And with most parks in tourist areas, parents come across the paddling pools and children are let in in just their underwear. That’s fine once they’re potty trained, but seeing a baby toddling around in and out of the pool with a saggy non-swim nappy made me want to cringe…just thinking of all the pee going round there (just like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film with Greg in the public swimming pool. Shudder).

N was in like a shot. Very different from previous years where he’s been more wary if the pool’s been busy or not sure about the depth. This time he turned up with his dive sticks, goggles and bouncing on water ball….forgetting that it’s about knee depth only.

It’s so lovely to watch him enjoy the water now. His swimming journey has been a long one, but he was happy to try (not totally unsuccessfully) his breast stroke and then his butterfly legs.  N still doesn’t understand why other children started picking up his dive sticks to give him.  But he’d never dream of saying anything to them – whether to ask them to join in, or to tell them he wanted to do it himself.  Maybe one day he’ll get over his shyness and say something.

The paddling pool at Stratford is gorgeous.  Face the hedge and it almost feels like you could be at a small hotel pool in the Mediterranean.

birkenstocks by the paddling pool

stratford paddling pool

Added to the mix was the Big Wheel in Stratford this summer. N’s never been on one of these, and I tried to explain the London Eye which he told me he’s never going on…because 40 minutes is far too long.  But he was keen to go on the Big Wheel.

I love the feeling of moving around above the buildings and people below, although Stratford-upon-Avon doesn’t have the most amazing views.  N enjoyed it too and was surprised at how many rotations he had.  When we were stopped at the top he did a rendition of Sound of Music’s So Long, Farewell that they’ve been practising at school for the leavers service.  I’m sure the people in the next pod found it very amusing.

big wheel stratford upon avon

bridge over the river avon Stratford

overlooking the RSC in Stratford

overlooking the boats at straford

Lunch is essential when we go to Stratford and we decided not to walk all the way into town. Instead we just stopped into The Pantry in Cox’s Yard alongside the river.  It’s a lovely small café, with delicious sandwiches, presentation and décor.

the pantry stratford restaurant

lunch at the pantry stratford

After a lovely day we had to chill out at home. The hot weather just makes me want to flake out.  We certainly need to visit more parks with splash pools in.  Although for us, we need to travel nearly an hour for most of them.

Here’s some of the best splash pool / paddling pool parks that were recommended to me, most of which you just pay for parking. So take a picnic, bikes, scooters or outdoor games to enjoy a full day out.

splash parks in the uk - Bubbablue and me

Splash parks and paddling pools in UK parks

Stratford upon Avon – recreation ground, huge grass area, mini golf and river walks as well as a great play park

St Nicholas Park, Warwick – traditional park with fun fair rides, mini golf and paddling area.

Stanwick Lakes Northamptonshire – massive climbing frame, slides and water play area

Victoria Park Splashpad, Cardiff – 33 water features, for toddlers, older kids and families

Newby Hall Gardens, nr Ripon – splash zone and pedalos on the lake

Abbey Meadows, Abingdon – splashzone open in summer

Ruislip Lido – no longer for swimming, it’s now a splash park, inland beach and area for walks and scooting

Cassiobury Park, Watford – recently restored, splashzones and paddling pools

Morris Playing Fields, London Colney – large paddling pool by the playground

Beale Park, Lower Basildon – large paddling pool which is part of the wildlife park.

Do your children love splash parks? Do you have any to recommend?

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  1. What about the Princess Diana fountain in Hyde Park? Awesome circular unofficial splash pool. I’m sure she would have approved tho. And it’s free.

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