pebbles on the Devon beaches - Bubbablue and me

Love digging on Devon beaches

Going to Devon on holiday was definitely chosen for the beach opportunities.  We didn’t have warm weather, and the first day we spent out and about started off a bit drizzly too, but there was no way that was stopping N from days out on Devon beaches.

I make my apologies now for a photo heavy post, but I really did make the most of having a really good camera and practising on manual.  If you’ve got a camera that has manual settings, but you always shoot auto, I definitely recommend finding some tutorials and changing to manual as much as possible (my only time I now use auto is when N is moving around too much – I just get too much blur, so auto works better for me then).

pebbles on the Devon beaches - Bubbablue and me

We stayed in Torquay, where the beach is virtually non-existent, and not sand at any case.  N wanted sand, so the hotel recommended a couple of beaches nearby for us to check out.  The tides were playing ball as well, because they were high just after lunchtime, and we’re usually out first thing in the morning or afternoon, so plenty of sand space vs sea.

Our first full day I’d planned to go to Paignton Zoo, but N spotted the sea front and wanted to go on the beach.  Brr, it was absolutely freezing although he didn’t seem too worried when snugged up in his winter coat.

boy and dog on the beach

I on the other hand, had only packed lighter jackets after the warmer week we’d have before our holiday.  Luckily I’d packed a woolly hat though, otherwise I wouldn’t have been happy at all.

running from the sea at Paignton

N was more happy with the beach though.  He’d brought his rake from home, so we had to write our names, and just generally dig and move sand around.

teasing the dog on the beach

I was more interested in the pier and practising my photography.  I do love metalwork and architectural structures, and Paignton pier certainly made for some gorgeous photos.

paignton pier from the side
beach running in black and white

While Paignton beach was a little murky, the next day we went a short way along the coast to Goodrington Sands.  Sitting next to a large water park is a small beach, but great for digging in the sand.  Again it was really chilly but at least dry, if not that sunny.  It was clear enough that in the evening I looked in the mirror to find I was burnt across my nose and cheeks – obviously my spf make up back up protection hadn’t done its job!

Goodrington beach

N loved this beach.  It was slightly less red sand than at Paignton (less cloud cover obviously helped that), and N got stuck in with his rake.  Unfortunately so much stuck in that he broke the rake right off the handle.

beach huts at Goodrington

So we headed to the basic café on the front to replace his rake with a spade.  One hot cheese and ham toastie later and he was ready for digging again.  Most of the people on the beach were dog walkers – I’d love to know where they walk their dogs when it’s peak season and they’re not allowed on the beach?  The car park was next to the beach, although only small, it was free parking for 4 hours.  A short walk was the pay and display parking for the water park, and at the other end of the beach was a car park also pay and display.  So we were lucky to find the free one.  I’m sure in the summer it’d be hard to find a space.

coastguard details at Goodrington Beach

N loved Goodrington beach so much that the next day he wanted to return again.  We rarely go anywhere towards the end of the day, but on this occasion he assured me he wasn’t tired and that we had to go back to the same beach.  So late afternoon on a beautiful day we found ourselves enjoying the warmth and making the most of a final afternoon on the sands.

Goodrington beach late afternoon in march

After looking back at all my photos, I now know what people mean by the afternoon sun magic for taking photos.

making a sand mound

It really does make the light special, so in future I’ll definitely be making sure we have some late afternoon/early evening trips out to places to make the most of the light.  Here’s a few of my favourites.

watching on the beach
building sandcastles
digging on the beach

We did have some excitement with the steam train going past.  It looked like it was on top of the beach huts.

Paignton steam train at Goodrington

Of course, the only problem is walking back up the ‘hill’ to the car afterwards.  Luckily the lure of tea helps get N moving.

It mightn’t have been the best of weather throughout our 5 days away, but we did make the most of being on some Devon beaches.  Let’s face it, a holiday near the coast, isn’t a holiday if you’ve not been on the beach at least once!

What’s your favourite beach to visit?

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  1. What gorgeous photos – inspiring me to play around a bit more with the manual settings on mine (on the rare occasions I manage to take it along with all the toddler paraphernalia)… Would love some blue sky by the sea too!

    1. Definitely worth playing with. My only issue currently is when N’s moving around too much. I can’t get the shutter speed right and it’s just always a blur. Need to then have more time to set up, which I usually don’t have.
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. What fabulous photos! We’re big fans of the beach any time of year, and it’s wonderful to have it almost Ito yourself 🙂 You really did make the most of being on the coast, it looks like N had a wonderful time x

  3. They are really lovely photos. It’s great that you can enjoy the beach even at this time of the year (we’ve never tried it at this time of year, but it must be nice to have it so quiet).
    I must try switching my camera to manual. I’ve always had an SLR since I was 18 and never switched to manual!

    1. Wow, can’t believe you don’t usual manual after all this time. It was my big aim for this year, I’ve done a couple of online courses although had been reading up lots before buying my new camera. There’s a couple of things – fast moving objects/N being one – that I need to work on, but otherwise it’s going well.

      Definitely try it.

  4. Gorgeous photos and thank goodness for some dry weather for your break if not warm. Looks like lots of fun and plenty of chance to put a bucket and spade to the test! Glad you had a good break and thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  5. What a lovely time you had on the beach – N looks like he is having so much fun and those photos taken in the late afternoon are just gorgeous. Love the one of the steam train looking like it is right on top of the beach huts too! 🙂

  6. Really beautiful pictures, I do love the ones with that lovely golden light, those last rays of the day always make everything look so soft and magical. It is nice isn’t it having a new camera and getting to play around with it 🙂 Looking very good!

    1. We’re rarely out away from home at that time in the afternoon, so it’s lovely to be able to get that light for photos. Definitely loving the new camera – N less so!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Never, ever apologise for too many photos – there are never too many! He looks in his element on the beach and the weather, at times, looks fantastic! x

    1. Unless of course, you include those silly little thumbnail size pictures in! My theory is, if my internet manages to load them easily, then pretty much everyone elses will be able to.

      The weather on the last and penultimate day was lovely. So glad that N dragged us down to the beach.

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