sleeping bag the lie in solution
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A lie in solution…the children’s sleeping bag

I’ve always said that clock changes don’t seem to impact N and it would appear that this spring’s has gone the same way.  N went to bed the same as usual the night before, and woke up at normal (the new) time of 6.15ish.

Then Sunday evening he tried to get out of going to bed.  That’s pretty normal, once he’s upstairs it’s not a problem and he’ll happily get into bed.  He didn’t seem too worried that at 7.30 it was still light outside.

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But he’d got a new addition in bed.  A children’s sleeping bag.  This sleeping bag was my brother’s bag when he was a child.  Yes it’s been going nearly 30 years (although only used occasionally).  N found it and was using it as a den, but since I’ve booked us to go camping in the summer with a group of friends, he’s wanted to sleep in it.  So Sunday night he slept in the sleeping bag on top of his duvet.

The OH popped his head in before going to bed and was totally confused because didn’t realise N was sleeping in it, but we left him to it…and he slept until nearly 7 o’clock.  Unheard of since he was about 18 months old.  And not just one day, but 2 days on the trot.

sleeping bag the lie in solution

Today I didn’t wake until just before 7, to find N in the sleeping bag on the bed next to me.  When the OH popped in from work for a morning snuggle up, he said that N had followed him down the stairs at 5am for a cuddle before going back to bed.  So the sleeping bag’s still doing its job…it’s just N gets woken by the OH going out early.

It’s great though that he’s now sleeping in, just a shame that I’m no longer awake earlier.  My alarm goes off at 6.30, but I snooze until I get woken at 7, although I’d usually crochet or read for 30 minutes.  Before when N was waking me earlier, I was up around 6 which meant I could sort out lunches for work before having my shower.  Now it’s all a bit rushed.  On the upside though, if I can drag myself out of bed, once my bashed up knee is better I could be getting up and exercising again without a 4 year old in tow.

Do your children sleep with duvets, blankets or sleeping bags?  Is it weird to sleep in a kids sleeping bag all the time?

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  1. Oh this is so sweet. I know what you mean though, when my two OCCASIONALLY sleep past half six I don’t seem to get half as much stuff done as I should! I think if he’s happy let him carry on with the bag 🙂 Thanks for sharing with the #pinitparty. Have pinned x

    1. I know that feeling.

      Unfortunately he’s now back with duvet again. He definitely doesn’t sleep as long – back to 6am wake ups

  2. I had a sleeping bag with exactly the same print and remember being allowed to sleep in a sleeping bag as a treat sometimes. Kids are weird aren’t they?! x

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