Gumigem teething aids for babies and toddlers

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N initially didn’t suffer too badly with teething, and relatively I guess his molars (so far) haven’t been as bad as they might have been.  Usual symptoms (cold, horrible stinky poo, bit grouchy) about 3 weeks before the teeth arrive, but otherwise not too bad (he still eats, drinks, sleeps etc, which is more than a lot of children do).

I think his amber teething anklet really helped with the first lot as we didn’t really get much grizzliness at all…just the incessant dribbling which has continued to this day.  Hopefully he’ll have stopped that by the time he goes to school!

We’ve also used the Nuby teething ring which is great for out and about as a play thing when he’s younger too but he’s not so fussed on that now.  Likewise our Sophie the Giraffe which he used to love.

We did find the Gumigem* teething necklaces a great help and he still quite likes to chomp on those now although more for distraction and boredom than teeth in particular at the moment.  Previously I’d gone for a teething bangle by another company as I usually get irritated by wearing necklaces, but we never really used it that much.  Now we’ve switched to Gumigems, they’re much more useful as I can trust N with it attached to something when we’re on the move so he doesn’t chuck it on the floor.

We’ve got a disc, heart and a lightning shape which mean we’re sorted on the boredom chewing and the back teeth teething requirements.  People always see mine and ask to feel it as they look hard & like gems, but actually are soft and slightly flexible.  The cord’s really comfortable to wear all day, plus I use it to tie onto the shopping trolley or the pushchair so N’s got something to play with if needed.

teething with Gumigem

And I love the colour choices.  Perfect to go with any outfit colour.   I’m thinking that unfortunately N’s getting a bit old to warrant me having any more, but they’re great for gifts, so I’m sure I’ll be buying some for any pregnant friends once baby arrives!

What teething aids are you or did you use?

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