toddler on the walk

Caught in the act – food thief

When all goes quiet and N disappears off, you can bet he’ll be somewhere he shouldn’t (obviously, because he’s a toddler).  From the living room he’ll wander past the other toys in the back room (dining room minus chairs/table so I guess it’s being used as a secondary playroom at the moment). Through the kitchen, which usually looks like a chinese laundry with all the washing that’s permanently hanging up.  Then through the utility room to the larder.

Of course, why not go and investigate the larder.  He’s obviously checking out what’s in there ready for when he’s older and can help himself.  Although he’s not far from doing that at the moment.

Usually he’s knocking over some bottles of oil, fizzy drinks, squash or such like, or alternatively the stock pot lid makes a great noise when you clash it down on the pot!  Thankfully he’s not managed much damage yet, although as soon as he can reach the bottom shelf in there, the herbs & spice jars are in danger…next job, buy a few small plastic boxes to store small jars and packets together in there.

My little prospective food thief.

toddler on the walk
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  1. Love his little face in this photo. It’s kind of ‘uh oh, I’ve been caught’.

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