Why does a toddler…

My current questions over why toddlers are like they are.

Drink while on the move?  I’m trying to train N to sit still and quietly while drinking from his sippy cup, But he just always wants to be wandering about.

Moan for his drink. Drink, then spit it out all over the place.  Not quite so bad with water, very annoying with milk.

And since when does he know that a coke can is a drink.  Found him in the larder today sitting on the floor pretending to drink from a can.  I suppose Diet coke can was preferable to his dad’s Guinness.

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  1. They have a sixth sense don’t they?! Mine is 16 months and refuses to drink out of a cup with a lid. Has to be a proper one. Yes, my house is a damp mess 🙂

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