Nursery heat

N tends to like being warm, but his average temperature is fairly low at around 35.3ish degrees .  Even during the warm summer nights (yes remember, we did get these athough they were in September/October), he’d still usually go to bed in vest, sleepsuit & summer sleep bag.  Sometimes without the vest, but I just think he likes to be warm at night.

At the moment, he’s usually in vest, pyjamas and then a fleecy sleepsuit, plus sometimes if his room’s cool, a light blanket on top (although I’m not sure he keeps it on over him as he’s such a wriggler during sleep).

But nursery seems to do strange things to his temperature.  Ok, sometimes he is a bit off colour, however it’s unusual for him to have been in his vest, t-shirt & trousers he arrived in for the majority of the day.  Usually I pick him up to find him in his vest and trousers if they’re thin ones, while the other babies are in jumpers as well as vests.

I don’t know whether they just keep it really warm in there (he should be used to it as our living room when the woodburner’s going can make it really hot, although the rest of the time the house is quite cool), or whether he just gets excited with all the playing and therefore gets too hot.

What’s really strange is that his temperature’s gone up over 38 and they’ve had to ring to get calpol authorised, but then after a sleep, the next day he’s fine when he’s at my sister-in-laws on the inbetween days, or if at home with me.  Very mysterious, unless he’s like me and finds it oppressive with the air in nursery and a temperature is his equivalent of the headaches I get being back in the office after a weekend.

Hopefully once he moves up to the next stage ‘baby’ room in a couple of months time, it’ll be slightly cooler in there for him and we’ll have less worries about him having a temperature….although that would mean less opportunity for me to get out and use the brilliantly exciting digital thermometer we have (I so love that!  It’s just like the ones the doctors use, and I love using it – all those numbers stored too look back on).

Checking out what nursery have written about him in his book
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