New tastes for toddlers

I reckon Ns tried more foods than I ever had by the age of ten (previous post on A-Z here).  I guess nowadays there’s a lot more flavours and cuisines around, and even though we’re not that adventurous in our home cooking (OH won’t eat chinese, indian, thai…the list goes on), the fact that he’s at nursery and my sister-in-law’s while I’m at work, means he gets to try foods he wouldn’t try at home.

The other day he had his tea at the farm, and was give roast guinea fowl.  I was quite impressed with him having that (think I’ve only ever had it once), although having had brussel sprouts with it did mean unpleasant nappies the next day.  I’m going to ban brussels until he’s toilet trained, despite how much he likes them and how good they are!

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