wasgij christmas 19 santa dash

Wasgij Christmas 19 Santa Dash solution

Some people only do Christmas jigsaw puzzles during the holiday season, but I’m all for starting them early when they’re a Wasgij. So the June 2023 release of Wasgij Christmas 19  Santa Dash was on my list as early as I could after buying it.

wasgij christmas 19 santa dash

Like most of the Christmas Wasgij puzzles, it comes with a second free puzzle, the box image. 

Think of a Santa Run, but this one isn’t the box image. With Wasgij Christmas puzzles, you need to work out what the characters in the image are seeing. Let’s just say, it’s usually something quite amusing and chaotic.

If you’re new to Wasgij, this is one of the harder puzzles I’ve done recently. Usually I find the recent releases quite easy, but this one was more challenging. A lot of red, and it was quite hard to make a start on where different areas were going to end up within the frame.

In the end it’s one of my favourite images. And if you’re completing it at Christmas, it’s definitely one to put you in the holiday spirit.

Find the solution below, and check out my guide on how to do a Wasgij puzzle for tips, or all my other Wasgij solutions.

wasgij christmas 19 santa dash solution

Let me know how you get on.

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