rear of Broughton Castle from outside the walled gardens

Project 52 2023 week 33

It’s been a lovely week off, quite lazy again, and a mix of weather from hot to rain and stormy. I think we’ve got everything ready for school starting again, hair appointment booked in etc, so another week of work next week then I’m back on leave again.

Here’s our week 33 of Project 52.

Sunday was a quiet one. There was very little in the farm shop when I went – I reckon the deli/chillers were wiped out by the nearby folk festival going on. So I had to leave and go to the supermarket for a couple of items. Otherwise I watched the final 2 episodes of Painkiller on Netflix. There’s so many new series on their way I’m not sure how I’ll keep up with them.

On Monday it was the start of another week of leave for me. N’s back out on the farm of course. I prepped some blancmange nice and early for pudding,  a great way to use up some milk that won’t get finished otherwise. Then did some blogging. I’m on a bit of a roll, so it’s good to get some posts scheduled across the 3 blogs as I rarely get so much time to write. It also means I can get photos batched and edited too.

Tuesday was a lovely day. I’d planned to have a day out at a house and gardens given N’s usually out on the farm, but after having a move around of his room and sorting out clothes, we realised he needed some t shirts, and he wanted to print out some photos to make a photo frame to hang up.  So we had a morning out shopping – with coffee and lunch, we bumped into a work colleague who’s on maternity leave so had a lovely chat to her as well. It was just nice spending time together. 

On Wednesday it was a beautiful (hot) day. Harvesting was busy again. As I’d cancelled my Tesco shop for the morning, I just needed a couple of bits so did that early. Then I watched most of the England Lionness’ semi final against Australia. There were a couple of tense moments, but we finished it off well, 3-1 and into the final.  I spent a couple of hours visiting Broughton Castle. My mum used to volunteer there and do the tours with her friend and neighbour. Her friend was on the gate, so on my way out I stopped for a chat which was lovely to see her after 10 years.

Thursday was just another day off, relaxing, reading some books. I need to stop watching Say Yes to the Dress because I’ve got other things in my watchlist I need to watch instead. N went off swimming with his cousin again.

On Friday it was just another day. N struck a deal to vacuum the house, although I have a feeling he’s got both of us paying him. Of course I had to do the de-cobwebbing, and help him move furniture, and I did the dusting and rewent over the kitchen floor better with the mop, but he did a good job. I agreed to Dominos pizza for tea so we had a nip into town.

Saturday, I had to do some food shopping for the week – I’d cancelled my food shop again as I didn’t need enough things.  I returned some jeans that didn’t fit/were an awful shape, went to the bakery stall. Just the usual Saturday chores really. I had a panic when my laptop wouldn’t turn on but thankfully it worked again after trying to reboot it.

rear of Broughton Castle from outside the walled gardens

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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve had blancmange, must try it again soon. Broughton House looks lovely and glad the harvesting was getting done with the good weather

  2. Broughton Castle looks lovely! What a fab place to visit. Sorry to hear the farm shop had been so little stock when you visited. I must admit I do enjoy a farm shop visit, so tend to fill my basket when I go to them! So I would be part of the problem lol.

  3. Oh I will have to check out Painkiller. I currently have an entertainment package on Now TV for 3 months so binge watching things on there!

    That castle looks lovely

  4. It does sound like you had a lovely week.
    I noticed all the new things on Netflix. I have just finished watching that show about Tyson Fury earlier and Painkiller is next on my list to watch.
    I haven’t had blancmange in years. I must try making it.
    Broughton Castle really is beautiful. x

    1. I’d not even heard about the Fury’s until I saw it mentioned on IG. Might check that out but so many other things. And I need to see some prime stuff too.

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