tennis courts under floodlighting

Project 52 2020 Week 6 – floodlit tennis

It’s been a good week this week. A bit quiet at work now the event is out the way although planning for next year has ramped up. There’s been lots going on at school too.

Onto week 6 of Project 52.

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On Sunday we finally got round to putting up N’s tennis rebounder* he got for his birthday. We just need to tilt it a bit more upright and need some brute strength to pull out one of the screws again, so we’re waiting on my brother to come and help with that. It’s rather large but will stop N losing balls in the mud patch at one end of the patio.

On Monday, not much happened. Just work and school, although bedtime was hysterical. N has become interested in ‘doing his hair’ so after bed he stands in front of the mirror and brushes it. He discovered when he nods his head, his hair flops up and down. Cue taking slow mo videos of him jumping on the bed. So much laughter!

Tuesday was traffic nightmare day. Around our town there are so many roadworks at the moment. One road in and out to the village has 3 sets of traffic lights for road widening/improvements, the same road going out the other side to Northamptonshire has diversions and roadworks in several places. The middle of town has a couple of closures, and then my route in had 4 way traffic lights – including my short cut route when the traffic’s bad. Sigh. 15 minutes sitting in lights. But the next day I tried an alternative route and there were jams in all directions so that took 40 minutes to do a 20 minute journey.

N did get some great news that he’s been invited for county tennis training sessions for the summer season. His coach had put a few children forward for various age groups, and he was chosen along with another girl from his class who’s in the younger age group. It’s really exciting and even though he might not get to actually play for the squad itself, just the training is a great opportunity. 3 hour intensive sessions once a month, an hour’s drive away further south in the county.

Wednesday N had a school trip to the catchment secondary school’s farm, to study owls. They got to dissect owl pellets which sounded interesting. I went a bit mad and booked 3 theatre shows – 2 ballet performances and one musical to add to the 2 I already had booked in for the year. There were a couple of orchestral performances I fancy too, but I’ll see how things go and wait til nearer the time. Unfortunately they all seem to be happening in the same months rather than being spread out.

Then he had his tennis lesson. They put the floodlights on, but soon it’ll be light enough to play without them.

On Thursday it was a normal day, nothing unusual going on. I had my INR test, which is getting back to normal again. Still have to go back next week but hopefully that’ll be back in range again. I had bruised fingers though, because we had to try 3 times to get the machine to work, so ended up with 3 pricks in 2 fingers to get the blood out.

Friday was a busy afternoon. I finish work early on Fridays, and had to pick up N and his friend from the school church service. Then rushed home so they could do homework. The intention was to feed N before tennis because we were going out so there wouldn’t be time post tennis. Luckily Granny came to the rescue and put out tea for him for when he got back, as he was having a sleepover at the farm. I went to tennis with my hair and make up done – it’s not often I wear bright lipstick so they were probably a bit surprised to see me a bit more glammed. Then home to get changed, send N to the farm and off out.

We went for a pub meal for a friend’s birthday. It was lovely to see everyone again – I was even good and able to stick to my keto diet, having burger topped with pulled pork, bacon and cheese, but had no bun and a salad rather than chips. No starter or dessert. Very saintly and what I had was delicious.

Saturday we had to go out and buy puppy food*. The in laws went to look at and buy a pup to eventually use as a guard dog. There’s too many rural thefts going on around here and while we already have dogs, they’re all a bit soft when it come to a deterrent if people actually come into the drive. So now there’s 2 pups making friends and terrorising each other (and the older dogs!). So cute.

N had his swimming lesson, the first in 3 weeks (outside of school). His group turned out to not be a straight level 6 class, but stage 6 and 7. So there’s only N and another girl in stage 6, the others are all stage 7 (including twins who’ve moved from the other teacher’s class who isn’t as technical a teacher, so they’re struggling vs our instructor’s expectations). 3 children are a year above N, the others are 2 school years older. No wonder N is a little titch compared with them. But he’s doing well, he keeps up with them, and he was used to show his breast stroke while they all walked along the side to watch what the instructor was telling them they should be doing. Big achievement and proof of how much work he and the instructor put in 2 stages ago when she was fussy about his stroke.

In the evening , I had my first theatre trip of the year to Warwick Arts Centre to see A Chorus Line. One of my favourite films and I was pleased to notice it was on only a few days before.

tennis courts under floodlighting
floodlit tennis courts

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  1. All those jammed roads must’ve been exhausting! Yeah, I tried pricking my finger for college while learning about blood but very little blood oozes out and it clots almost instantly so I can’t use it for our practicals. The trip to theater sounds fun

  2. Fab news re county training sessions in summer, big well done to N! I nearly booked tickets for a Siberian ballet who visit Oxford this month, but the performance starts at 7.30pm, and it’s during the school week, I’d be too tired by the time I get home.
    The tennis rebounder sounds a great idea!

    1. Thanks Galina. It’s so hard fitting in everything isn’t it. We’re in Oxford for Riverdance, but I’ll have to leave work early to get there and parked in time.

  3. Oh how exciting that he was chosen for the training sessions! I can imagine he will love them. Well done on the swimming to.

    Roadworks are a nightmare…had some here at a roundabout for almost a year and it can be so frustrating.

    1. Thanks Fozia. Roadworks just seem to come in waves don’t they. Can’t wait for these to all be finished – the ones down 1 road out (x3 lots) have been going for nearly 2 years!

  4. Well done N on getting chosen for the county tennis training sessions, that’s fab. Glad you enjoyed the pub meal. And sounds like N is doing really well with his swimming. xx

  5. Well done to N on getting chosen for the county tennis training sessions – what a great experience that will be for him. We seem to have roadworks everywhere around us at the moment too – it’s so frustrating to be constantly stuck behind traffic lights trying to get anywhere. Glad you enjoyed the pub meal and sounds like N is doing really well with his swimming. #project366

  6. That’s really good news for N about the county tennis training. It sounds like he’s doing really well with his swimming too. It must be hectic with the two puppies around.
    How exciting to have so many shows booked. We rarely go to the theatre as it is rather expensive, even for three of us (the boys wouldn’t be interested).

    1. I think it probably makes things easier for them. They’ll both go out in the field together for a walk, although there’s lots of play fighting too. And they curl up to sleep together which means no whining at night time. 2 fluffballs instead of just one. Although the 3 week younger Alsatian is bigger than the lab already

    2. He’s really enjoying the tennis and swimming. His tennis coach thinks the county training will also help with potential for coaching in future if he wants to do some of that. At the moment he’d quite like to – his coach trains teens for their coaching qualifications and he’d love to be one of them in future.
      I find big cities are expensive for theatres – where they’re ticketmaster or ATG like Oxford or Milton Keynes. But I go to Warwick Arts Centre at the uni quite a lot. Last night’s was only £14 (student performance), but seeing Birmingham Royal Ballet in the expensive seats and it’s only £36. Cheaper because it’s only me, but probably about £20-30 cheaper than going to Oxford, especially with parking costs or park and ride to pay as well.

  7. well done to N for getting chosen for the training sessions, I am sure the drive will be worth it.
    Quite right to book up some evening entertainment, you work hard and deserve it.
    The rebouder should let him get more practise in at home.
    Guess everybody tried the other route, hate multiple sets of roadworks being done at the same time.

    1. Those roads are longer and always quite busy, but add in the extra diverted traffic made it even worse. At least they’re now gone on my way to work.

  8. The tennis rebounder for N sounds like a great thing to have. Congrats to N being invited for the county tennis training sessions. That is very exciting. x

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