banana pancakes

Project 52 2023 week 2

Week 2 of project 52 and our round up.

Sunday was a dry day for the first time in a while. It was the first junior club tennis session of the year. There was only 2 of them but it meant they got lots of hitting in, and some matchplay afterwards.  Sundays always seem to speed by because there seems to be so much meal prep to do.

On Monday I spent the day really cold. I managed to book 5 a side football for N’s birthday. The food place we wanted to get them food after is closed that week, so I think we’ll end up doing pizza which will be more pricy than I wanted. Shame, because the burger place had offered me free drinks, but the pizza people didn’t even seem fussed. I did panic when one person said it clashed with a match, which I’d already picked the only day there wasn’t a match. But the coach confirmed there wasn’t one (at the moment).

Tuesday was cold again. At least it’s not just me as other people on work calls say the same. The highlight of the day was making banana pancakes with overripe bananas for breakfast.

On Wednesday I had my flu jab. I’ve never been eligible before although last year my INR nurse said they had one spare so I got it off her. But this time it seems they’ve got lots spare and have moved out to others not on the core list. It was very organised. Walked in the surgery waiting area, arm out, jab and done.

Thursday was a busy work day. Just non stop, with me ending up having a quick lunch at 2.20 and working late like several other people who were still online late. 

On Friday it was such a cold day. Apart from watching N’s tennis where I had 2 parents to talk to, I think I was warmer there due to our chatting. I don’t think their group tennis lesson has ever been so quiet before. All the kids concentrated and worked hard. Yay.

Saturday was a miserable day. Due to soggy pitches, N’s cup match was cancelled, so we did a quick trip to the market, a hot chocolate treat, sorting out chores, then a relaxing afternoon. Although I couldn’t shake off a headache all day.

This week’s Project 52 photo is of banana pancakes I made to use up overripe bananas

banana pancakes

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  1. Glad that the coach confirmed there wasn’t a match on the day that you’ve booked the 5-a-side football for N’s birthday and hopefully that won’t change. It has been really cold lately. Those banana pancakes look yummy. #project365

  2. It has been really cold recently…looking forward to spring!

    Those pancakes look really good…going to have to make some for the little one!

  3. We tend to keep Sundays as quiet days to rest before work on the monday, doesn’t always turn out like that though. We’ve started watching our great nephew play football on a Saturday

  4. We tend to not do much on a Sunday and they still fly over.
    I hope N has a fab birthday party. Thank goodness there isn’t a match on that day.
    Ohh! Those pancakes look so good. x

    1. I have a nasty feeling there will now be a match as this week’s cup match was cancelled, so I suspect it’ll go next week.

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