Living Arrows 2017 week 42 – decisive cuts

chunk out of his hair

Notice something wrong? It seems N decided to cut his hair because it was too long.  He really didn’t want to tell me what had happened so I knew he must have cut it himself.  Eventually he told me.  I nearly laughed. He was relieved when I said most children have done it before (I omitted that it’s usually younger children though.  What’s annoying is that it’s school photo time in 2 weeks and while his hair will have grown,… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2017 week 42 – decisive cuts”

School Days – lorries and forest school

looking up - school work

Another week of school under their wings, and soon to be rolling into half term.  This week held lots of interest for N – lots of new things and interesting additions. Spellings realisation This week I wasn’t expecting great things of N’s spelling test. The previous 2 weeks he’d got 10/10, but this week the words were a lot harder, eg Egypt, pyjamas, gymnast etc, there weren’t many similarities between them.  And he’d only done 2 practices of them all… Continue Reading “School Days – lorries and forest school”

My Sunday Photo – calendula

calendula living still in the rain

The flowers in our wall always come out late. As though they’re trying to trick me. Thankfully we still have lots of colour with the orange and yellow calendula. I remember reading one of those personalised books as a child and there was a mention of calendula being the birth flower for October. Spot on for me then. I just like having pretty flowers come up year after year without me doing anything..

Project 365 2017 week 40 and 41

wooden bridge

It’s a double Project 365 this week again.  as there was just too much going on to get last week’s up.  So onto the photos. Week 40 On Sunday it was a relaxing day at home. N was out on the farm as usual. I spotted him in the garden in the afternoon blowing dandelion clocks with the puppy running round. So cute to watch them. On Monday it was back to school. It’s been a good reading week this… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 40 and 41”

Living arrows 2017 week 40 – hama beads

Living Arrows 2017 weel 4-

Hama beads. The craft toy that spans ages and both boys and girls.  And a great little photo of N for this week’s living arrows. N isn’t really that keen on arts and crafts, but turn up with some new hama beads like I did last week from Blog On’s goody bag, and he’s in heaven.  This is the design he decided on – made quicker by him telling me to help him and what I needed to put where.… Continue Reading “Living arrows 2017 week 40 – hama beads”

My Sunday Photo – fairground on South Bank

My Sunday Photo - fairground carousel and lights ratating

This week’s My Sunday Photo was taken on the BML17 instawalk in London I love it on the South Bank, it’s full of creative people, tourists, and people just enjoying everything there is along the river. I’m still lazy when it comes to using my camera on manual – it’s just quicker to use auto or my phone.  But when you can use shutter priority and get fab shots likes this one of the carousel in the fairground on South… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – fairground on South Bank”

Project 365 2017 week 39 – birds at BML 17

painting of a bird

We’re onto week 39 of Project 365.  The nights are drawing in – dark by 7ish, and I’ve hardly taken any photos of N this week thanks to 2 weekends of blog conferences. On Sunday, I was at Blog On Xmas in Manchester. I went up on the Saturday afternoon for the launch party, the conference was the Sunday and back in the evening. Thankfully the 2.5 hour journey wasn’t too bad.  It made me laugh seeing my car information. … Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 39 – birds at BML 17”

School Days – adjectives and music lessons

Doing maths homework

I’m a day late with School Days this week – thanks to a busy weekend up in Manchester at Blog on Xmas conference. It was great fun although I have to admit my head is painful now due not drinking enough water, 2 late nights and a very hot building.  But here we are again. Alien adjectives Week N’s class have a theme for literacy, based around a book.  This week’s was Beegu, an alien story.  N’s homework this week… Continue Reading “School Days – adjectives and music lessons”