Project 365 2017 week 49

trees against blue sky

It’s week 49 (yep, only 2 weeks today til week 52!).  As per usual the year has rushed on by.  Here’s this week’s Project 365. On Sunday I played around with festive flatlays and photo props.  One of my worst habits (apart from biting my fingernails and like to eat some real junk-y food) is courses.  Yes, I have a tendency to start courses but never finish the. Usually because I get left behind really quickly.  This week I’ve been… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 49”

Living Arrows 2017 week 49

Living Arrows taking photos in the flowers garden

This week’s Living Arrows photo was taken during our festive day out at Waddesdon Manor.  N actually remembered to take his own camera with him, and once we were in the gardens he had a great time running round and taking photos of the flowers. I’ve not had a look at the camera yet, so I’m not sure what is on there. The anticipation is quite high although he seems to have forgotten.

School days – nativity props and carol service

concentrationat play

It’s been another quiet week for School Days.  N’s school rotate round sports coaches coming in, forest school, and music or dance activities, and this week was a changeover week. Carol Service This week was the Christmas carol service. For the first time I had to miss most of it because my car had gone to have a check and it wasn’t back in time. I usually manage school events by either using my flexi time if they’re early in… Continue Reading “School days – nativity props and carol service”

Project 365 28017 week 48

playing with santa and elf ha

Only a few weeks of 2017 left for Project 365.  This is my 4th year of doing it, and while I love it, I feel like I’m getting a bit bored. It’s also a rush getting it done at weekends, when for the past 2 years I’ve been saying I’ll cut down on blog posts each week.  So I’ll have to see how I feel into next year. Here’s week 48. On Sunday, we went to Waddesdon Manor to check… Continue Reading “Project 365 28017 week 48”

Living Arrows 2017 week 48 – rocking horse

Living ARrows 2017 week 48 rocking horse

One lazy early morning for me.  The sun streaming in from the wrong direction. And N still insisting on riding the rocking horse. It’s the one that my uncle Geoff (well, step Grandad) all those years ago got out of a skip, repainted. Then my mum repainted in readiness for N being older enoguh. And now he’s really getting a bit big for it, but I don’t want to throw it away.

School days – teachers’ gifts and VIP

clay hedgehog

It’s been another quiet school week this time.  N was pleased to get his Star of the week certificate from last week.  But there weren’t any trips or sports events this week.  It seemed to be full of lots of nativity performance practice. VIP It’s another week, and N was pleased to get VIP again. This time it was for English. I’m not sure what, but N seems to be picking up on his literacy side of things.  I think… Continue Reading “School days – teachers’ gifts and VIP”

My Sunday Photo – chrysanthemum

MY Sunday Photo - purple chrysanthemum

I’m really enjoying my flower photography course at the moment.  It’s a lesson each week and means I have an excuse to get out my equipment and set up each weekend to catch the light. This one was macro week.  The exposure was just taken down to darken the background, but otherwise unedited. I shall take the RAW images and edit them properly over the next few days. It’s certainly a learning curve – much of it about checking for… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – chrysanthemum”