pastel pink and lilac delphinums up close in the confetti flower fields

Project 52 2024 week 27

It’s been such a busy working week, and it’s the start of all the mixed up days and activities for school as we’re heading into the last few weeks of the school year. I haven’t slept that well either, waking at random times earlier than my alarm, but also not really going to bed at a decent time either. Heres my week 27 for Project 52.

Sunday – took to car to the car wash (of course within a few hours there was bird poo on the exact same place on the opposite side of the car to the dollop that was washed off). Caught up on a few bits. We watched the England vs Slovakia match which wasn’t great, but they were lucky to buck up and get last minute goal to go to extra time which they then won. Phew. But eek, Switzerland won’t let them get away with that performance in the last 16.

Monday – back to work and school. N was making more dog treats. I’ve been trying to set up moving onto a different ad network (I’m not optimistic given how much my traffic has dropped, so apologising now while it gets switched and set up in case lots goes a bit odd. There may also be too many ads until it balances itself out, so please do stick with me).

Tuesday – quite a busy work day. Nothing much happened. Pre-ordered another puzzle that was about to be available. I’ve got a bit of a backlog so really need to get doing them rather than just reading!

Wednesday – first wet day we’ve had in a while although it cleared up in the evening. Didn’t do much other than a lot of work. I caught up on a bit of Wimbledon. 

Thursday – General Election day and a flexi day for me. I’ve never found it so hard to decide who to vote for. Half the local candidates didn’t have any information like a statement of what they’re about etc. One’s all about him him him (he’s been around for years). The independent I couldn’t find anything about what she was standing for, and her twitter feed was horrifically extreme right. The quizzes were putting me right in the middle of 3 or 4 parties. So I just had to decide once in the booth. 

Luckily the weather was warm and dry, although more blustery than I expected. I’d booked a ticket to go to the Confetti flower fields near Pershore – finally after saying I’d have to go for years, I remembered the day tickets were going on sale. It’s a really beautiful sight, and although there were quite a few people, it was easy to take photos you wanted without anyone in them. I bought myself a little bouquet to take home as well. 

Afterwards I also visited Warwickshire Lavender Farm. There was a big group of young women and a little girl all in lovely dresses, taking what I presume were photos for social media. They must have been there for ages.  Again, there were a few people, but there was plenty of lavender to see and take photos without getting in the way of others and vice versa. 

A trip back to M&S to pick up N’s school shirts for next year in their 20% off, although there were no white or black sports socks in his size. A cheeky Maccy D’s for lunch – only paid for my drink thanks to my rewards in the app.

Friday – unsurprisingly we’ve woken up to a Labour government. Surprising that our area turned red, rather than yellow like the areas around us. It was a 3k-ish win, and Reform got 7k votes so they definitely screwed up the blues.  The result leaves a lot of concerned farmers, as there wasn’t much in the Labour manifesto at all on farming, and their agriculture minister seems to have no farming or countryside life in his life other than being given the job.

I worked very late trying to get things done, while trying to sort logistics of tea x2 because the OH didn’t want a normal time tea, but N needed his on time between tennis sessions. He only managed the Red session he helps at before the rain arrived and the rest was called off.

Saturday – N complained of a bad back, then remembered they’d had tug of war at Sports Day the day before. We went into town to pick up toiletries and other bits he needs for his PGL residential. It was a pretty cold and wet day, blustery too. We’ll be watching the England vs Switzerland football match, but aren’t too hopeful.

pastel pink and lilac delphinums up close in the confetti flower fields

New posts this week:

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • Spending time amongst the flowers
  • 2 thriller books I’ve read this week.
  • Joining in a book themed linky for the first time.

Things I’ve been grateful for this week:

  • A day of flexi was really needed in a busy working week.
  • Not having to cook on Friday – chippy tea.
  • My INR was back within range this week, after going too high the last 2 weeks.

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  1. Must admit I didn’t really know who to vote for…I refused to vote for the big two even though I was pretty sure Labour would win.

    Those flowers are beautiful!

  2. The flower picture is beautiful. I really want to go to a lavender farm but there are none around here. Bournemouth and Poole have a right old mix, my area has stayed yellow and we have some labour and some conservative seats……this Is going to be interesting

  3. It does sound like you have had a busy time of it.
    Good luck with your new ad network, I have heard about quite a few bloggers suffering with a drop in views lately.
    I did all the quizzes about deciding who to vote for and had no clear answer and decided in the booth too.
    The flowers look so pretty!
    The area I live has always been Conservative but the boundaries changed and now we’ve turned red. I just hope things change for the better. x

    1. Thankfully, this week has been better on traffic. Still down quite a bit on last year, but at least going the right way again. But awful that for no reason other than Google’s whims, it’s basically at 2019 traffic which means I’ve lost all the huge uptick over the last 3 years. Weirdly, I don’t see anything on my desktop site for ads, but lots on mobile. And I’m still getting errors in the back end, but I’m seeing money coming through, so at least thats looking positive.
      So hard at the moment, choosing on politics. Ours is the same as yours with boundaries. I think we’re going to get hit – although I don’t have house assets, I’ve got savings I’ve worked hard over the years to save, pension, and middle income pay, so I’m expecting to get hit quite a bit when they start putting tax up which they’ll have to do at some point.