apple blossom blooming

Project 52 2024 week 17

Another week, week 17 for Project 52, and it’s been mostly a lot of panic about my blog traffic. A few days after sorting all the back end out, then having to sort out a consent banner that’s more compliant, my UK traffic is literally on the floor. With no idea why currently. I’m just hoping that it’s not the Google update, and if it is, that it’ll come back, especially as I’ve just done a whole lot of work on old posts and SEO. It should have helped things decimated them. Fingers crossed things improve…and if you’ve got some time to look at a few posts, or share some, that’d be much appreciated.

Sunday – a relaxing day. I had a short lie in and read before getting up. Then a trip to the farm shop for meat, and Sainsbury’s in the hope of getting some 10p Freddos. No sign of them in store which was annoying. It was a tense evening as we caught the end of the Man Utd vs Coventry FA cup semi final. Disallowed goals in extra time saved Man Utd, and into the final after penalties.

Monday – a bit of a strange day. I felt a bit woozy and dizzy in the afternoon. I’d eaten plenty and drunk the usual amount of water so there didn’t seem to be any reason why. Maybe I needed to get up and walk around more because I really don’t do that much when I’m working. 

Tuesday – there was hope that the road was back open to the village, but I’ve not tried it yet. We need to investigate further as if I go that way and it’s still shut, it’s more time added onto the detour to backtrack. My whole life seems to be about roads at the moment.  Detours, closures, and potholes!

Wednesday – more panic over the blog. No traffic was showing even when I knew people were testing visiting it for me. Football training after school and had a good chat with another mum. 

Thursday – continuing panic over the blog traffic issues again, but thankfully the tech guy I’d been getting to do some other bits for me managed to fix one bit of it, and my consent banner licence number wasn’t working, so that was something I could find and fix. So after 5 days of virtually no traffic recorded, it should be on the up again. It went from a high on Friday last week with faster speed and optimisation by the tech guy, to a total down.  My March numbers weren’t great after the Google update, but this month will have lost at least 5-6k views. Hopefully will go back up to as I’d been expecting, especially after having someone optimise a couple of posts back in March, and then paying for the tech fixing. At least I now know I have a tech guy I can call on if I can’t fix things myself.

Friday – short day of work, trying to get a few bits cleaned before N’s sleepover on Saturday. We dug out the car air bed pump and N blew up airbeds, because for some reason he wants to sleep on the sofa bed downstairs, rather than upstairs. I somehow managed to fall into the house, stubbing my big toe, with my knee taking the worst of the fall. It doesn’t seem swollen thankfully, just a bit bruised. But given I’m on warfarin I probably need to keep an eye on it.

Saturday – knee felt a little better, but coming downstairs is hard. We did an early town run for bakery and butchers, then the last football match of the season.  It was against the top of the league who were going for a 100% record. They outplayed us straight out, although we did show some better play further into the match. A sad end to the season after the boys had worked so hard on their football. But they should be proud of how they’ve played and worked together given it was a new coaching team and a lot of new players joining them.  Then it was prep for N’s friend coming to stay over for the night. Hopefully they won’t be up too late. My blog traffic is still a shocker, despite all technical stuff looking ok. It’s all UK traffic as well – it’s like it’s being blocked from showing it – concerning considering UK is my majority source.

apple blossom blooming

New posts this week:

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • chat on Twitter. It might have been about angst, but at least I’m not alone about my blog traffic issues it seems.
  • some nice chats with other parents at sports lessons and matches
  • watching the boys very ‘social’ tennis lesson. They are amusing to watch, and see how they’re growing up.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • a child who can help out and get things set up for a sleepover himself
  • nothing serious seems to be wrong with my knee, just a lot of bruising and tenderness
  • that we had at least one nice warm dry day

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  1. Sorry to hear that your blog traffic has dropped after the work on your blog. Sounds like it was a bit of a nightmare sorting things out. Hope it picks back up again soon. Hope N and his friend enjoyed their sleepover. The apple blossom is so pretty. #project365

    1. All I can say is I’m glad jetpack stats have essentially gone, because while I’m moaning about halving to about 300 views a day, my jetpack is showing 100 a day. How can that be even worse than google. That’s traffic I was getting about 7 years ago!

  2. Oh no! What a worry about your blog traffic. I have found if a problem is caused by Google it usually comes right in time.
    I saw that Sainsbury’s were selling Freddos for 10p, supposedly! Everyone who went looking for them couldn’t find them. Ouch! Your fall sounds awful. I hope your knee is feeling better now. x

    1. I’m definitely hoping that but it’s taking its time. I’ve never been impacted by any of the updates before, so this was quite a shock.