wasgij summer games

Wasgij Original 44 Summer Games solution

I was pretty fast at getting hold of Wasgij Original 44 Summer Games puzzle, and timed it well as it arrived just after I’d completed the previous puzzle. You can find the solution further down the page.

wasgij summer games

I’m back in my Wasgij puzzle groove, and this one was an easier puzzle. It didn’t take too long.  It ties in nicely with the upcoming Paris Olympic Games which I’m so looking forward to.

With this being an Original puzzle, rather than copying the box image, you need to work out what one of the characters sees to solve the puzzle. 

There’s lots of bright colourful and fun poses and situations the athletes are in. This puzzle, it’s the animals getting up to mischief again. I focused on the obvious colour areas to start developing the puzzle, and it worked well. Although there is quite a lot of white and bodies, so I left those until the end.

Here’s my step by step guide to completing a Wasgij, which also includes all my previous completed puzzle solutions.  

Find the Wasgij Original 44 Summer Games solution below.

wasgij original 45 summer games solution
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