The best thing about Wasgij puzzles is the challenge. But sometimes you just want an easier puzzle. Not easy, easy, but a more straightforward Wasgij. If you’re just starting out with Wasgij puzzles, or want one you don’t need to think as much about, then Wasgij Original 35 – Car boot capers, could be the puzzle for you.

Like all Wasgij puzzles, the colours and characters are bright and amusing. There’s the regulars appearing again.

Wasgij original 35 car boot capers puzzle blog

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With all Wasgij Original puzzles, you’re not creating the image on the box. You’re trying to work out from a different perspective, that of one of the characters. The final solution is what they’re seeing.

By working through edges, large areas of similar colours and characters, it didn’t take long to complete this jigsaw. It was a nice breather after my last 2 or 3 Wasgij puzzles which were much harder.

If you’re looking for the puzzle solution to Car boot capers! you can find it below. Alternatively I have my step by step guide to doing a Wasgij without looking at the solution.

You can buy Wasgij puzzles from Amazon and other puzzle outlets.

wasgij original 35 car boot capers solution

Let me know how you get on with Wasgij Original 35 Car boot capers!

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