I’m trying to get N prepared for school in September.  I don’t think he’s going to have any problems settling in on the emotional and social side.  He’ll be going to school with several children from his nursery, 2 of his cousins are at the school, and has been at nursery since he was just about one.  It’s more the focus and lack of interest in learning to read and write that I’m concerned about.

While he has started to be more interested in letters – just knowing what they might create (ie lists, pictures, books, letters etc) mind you, not actually learning letters or writing much more than his name – he’s still a long way off being willing to specifically learn and retain the information.  I’m hoping he’s just tricking me.

He’s much the same with numbers.  Yes, he can count (excluding the 15 he always misses out) to 20, but that’s pushing it.  I get better attempts at him reciting 1 to 10 in French, than getting him to do number recognition.

So being introduced to Tiggly and getting the chance to review some of the new Tiggly Counts, was good timing for us.

Tiggy is a suite of educational apps for Android and ios, perfect for pre-schoolers.  They cover maths, counting, shapes and drawing, with bright colours, fun characters and repetitive music (while parents might be driven insane by the music, N seems to be totally unbothered by it, and it’s certainly creates an earworm!).  We’re on Android so don’t have the same breadth of choice, but the Chef game was the one we chose.

Tiggly counts Chef maths game


We’d used the maths Chef app quite a lot on its own and N enjoys it.  The child gets told how many of a certain ingredient to put in the pot to make some strange concoctions.  Some of the ingredients are US based terminology, so eggplant rather than aubergine but that doesn’t worry N.

playing Tiggly

My only gripe is that it’s really slow to move from one view to the next.  But we get that with every app so I’m not sure if it’s our wifi that makes a difference.  This game’s aimed at age 3-7 year olds, and it gets harder, with options to make your own recipes.  The shapes games are aimed at age 2-5 year olds.

Tiggly counts items

This year, they’ve also launched Tiggly Counts.

Tiggly counts units

These are what can only be described as colourful blocks of differing sizes.  I only realised the other day that they are also magnetic on the edges so you can loosely put them together.  There’s a choice of 2, either shapes for the shape based app, or rows for the maths and number games.  Made from silicone they feel really nice to use.

You use them in the same way as a finger, so put the correct size or shaped toy on the right image, and the tablet will recognise it, adding a bit more interaction to a normal 2D app.  Even I enjoyed playing the game with them.  It combines maths and numbers, with spatial awareness and recognition of which block you need to pick up, so great for children learning to multitask, and not just use fingers on the screen.  N needs a bit of practice using the blocks, but I’m sure he’ll get there soon and find them fun to use.

Tiggly Counts (and the shapes version) are currently available from Currys, PC World and Amazon.  However, I’ve got a giveaway where one winner will win a Tiggly Counts toy.  Just answer the question in the comments below, then enter via the rafflecopter widget.

tiggly counts pack

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 19th June 2015
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  4. There is 1 prize of a Tiggly toy.  There’s no cash equivalent.
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Disclosure: We were sent Tiggly Counts for the purpose for review.  All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Vickie Jackson

    We love the cbeebies app, there’s so much to do on it 🙂

  2. My daughter seems to love the CBeebies app as there is a lot of variety on activities to do and she recognises all the characters.

  3. Pauline Black

    His Thomas the tank trains. His fav at the moment is gator

  4. Natasha Patterson

    My daughters love the peppa paintbox app.


    She watches the man playing Minecraft all the time .. i have never seen her playing it.

  6. lindsay chadburn

    trivial pursuit is a favourite of mine just now

  7. Jo-Anne holton

    I think at the moment it would have to be transformers angry birds!!!

  8. christine nicholson

    Any of the talking…… Apps, like talking Tom. He loves that they talk to you!!

  9. Kerry Lethbridge

    my twins love the cebeebies playtime app

  10. Tracy Newton

    My son loves the jigsaws on the Cartoonito app

  11. Danielle Graves

    Jake has quite a few favourite apps; wordplay, edukitty and there is a tiggly one but i can’t remember the name

  12. Debra Winfield

    Both of mine love the cbeebies all and the eldest likes the Lego appalthough prefers the real Lego!

  13. Amy Rennocks

    Hangman! Its great for encouraging them to practice their letters and costs nothing to play, also you can play it anywhere!! He absolutely loves it <3

  14. Amanda Gregory

    She just loves playing with bright coloured beach balls loads at the moment.

  15. Alison O

    The Gruffalo app — nothing better than playing tic tac toe with a Gruffalo

  16. Lara Latchem

    CBeebies App at the moment, tho was painting with peppa and george

  17. Holly Boyd

    mine love the cbeebies app at the moment

  18. Sarah Ballantyne

    Pass the Bomb – its great for getting her thinking but also lots of fun. We always end up in a giggling heap.

  19. Heather Tinkler

    Frustration .. although.. he doesn’t understand it properly yet!

  20. Janet Carter

    My daughters favourite is the Cbeebies app.It’s fab.

  21. Leanne Newsome

    You tube he watches Disney collector

  22. Monica Gilbert

    My daughter loves YouTube. It’s kind of scary how well she can navigate it at age 2.


    One loves his lego the other prefers to just throw sand out of his pit outside

  24. Ursula Hunt

    My granddaughters favourite app is painting

  25. Danielle Cresswell

    My son loves a cooking app he has.

  26. lynn heath

    My daughter love the drawing option on the Cbeebies App

  27. Fiona Rennie

    My son loves an app called endless reader 🙂

  28. Michaela Hannah

    My son loves playing on the cBeebies app

  29. michelle banks

    my grandaughter loves the cbeebies app x

  30. Angela Turley

    My daughter likes the Peppa Pig Painting app

  31. Rachel Butterworth

    My nephews think Fish Farts is hilarious.

  32. Tanya Camilleri

    My daughter loves the cbeebies app… so much to do with her fave shows

  33. Chris Andrews

    What’s your child’s favourite game or app? . . . . . . currently Lego


    My children all love frustration. I hate it!

  35. Sarah Wyatt

    She’s in love with Duplo at the moment.


    My boys love the peppa pig domino’s

  37. Maxine Owen

    My nephew has a Leap Pad 2 and mostly plays on that.

  38. Lorraine Tinsley

    The cbeebies app seems to be the favourite at the moment

  39. Lisa Backhouse

    3 little pigs board game, we have to play it continuosly

  40. Helen Grayson

    Doodle jump. Or “the jumping game” 🙂

  41. Martina Pichova

    Angry Birds (not my choice – his older cousin introduced him to it)

  42. kayleigh Bates

    I’m ashamed ot say it’s a toss up between netflix and youtube

  43. sharlene speakman

    my child favorite app is the cbeebies app he loves it

  44. Kimberley Smith-Howes

    They love buckaroo and so do I lol

  45. kim neville

    My son loves playing Crossyroad on the Ipad at the moment.

  46. Tracy Nixon

    My two boys love the Lego Super Heroes Movie Maker app!

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