3 ducks in a row - garden visitors

Project 365 2015 week 21

It’s week 21 of Project 365, and this week has probably been the hardest so far. It wasn’t helped by me being ill for 2 days, and not leaving the sofa.  That definitely posed some photography challenges.

Here’s this week’s shots.

Sunday was the first day I was ill. Luckily N could spend the whole day out on the farm so I got to sleep.  In the afternoon he came back in, started riding round on his Ezyroller, then started having hysterics.  I love it when he laughs, but this one was a real belly laugh.

Laughing boy

Monday was more of the same. I did watch some tv, hence the millions of remote controls.  Otherwise I can never be too far from some kind of electronics just in case I needed it.  It was boring by the end of day 2 on the sofa.

electronics and remote controls

Tuesday I felt a lot better and was back at work with just a slight twinge of a headache in the morning.  I tried to start the week back healthily after not eating for 2 days while ill.  I do love a mish mash salad, and mine was certainly that.  It’s a shame that the healthy eating’s gone down hill since then.

healthy salad lunch

We’ve had quite a few birds wandering into our garden recently.  Chickens last week, this week it’s been ducks.  This was Wednesday when 4 of them appeared, had a nosy in the long grass, then decided to sit watch the next morning on the wall.

3 ducks in a row - garden visitors

Thursday after work and nursery, N wanted to go down to the farm so he could watch what his dad was doing.  A lot of this week has been preparing for sileaging, so N’s been getting very excited hoping that he’ll get to go out on the tractors as well.

watching dad on the tractor

Friday morning before nursery, N had the tv on when the adverts came on. He likes to stand so close sometimes.  I’m not sure why he felt the need to get right up close with the Disney girls.  At least it giave me the chance to practise my shutter priority on my camera.  I think I’m getting it now, instead of everything being over exposed.

Watching Frozen adverts

N had a playdate on Saturday because his friend wanted to show him his go kart.  It’s still a bit big for both of them, but that didn’t stop them having a go, and trying to drive it down the slope. Then the pair of them were competing to show off their cycling skills.  They play really nicely together which is great.  And I got to have a lovely catch up with my friend too.

playing on Kettler go karts

So another week down and we’re whizzing towards halfway.

project 365 logo

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  1. glad you’re feeling better, it’s great when not only the kids get on so well but the parents do as well, makes life so much easier

    1. Agree with that. We met through the boys first swimming lessons and then kept in touch, then it turned out that the other mum is N’s key worker at nursery school

      1. ive still got 2 friends whose kids were friends with my middle son who is now 20, sadly the boys grew apart, different schools and then we moved abroad, but still maintain good relationships with the mums

    1. Thanks Kirsty.

      Glad to hear it’s not just mine. It’s only on occasion when something attracts him over, but it drives the OH insane when he does it.

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