Personalised tablet cover review Bubbablue and me

Mr Nutcase tablet case – stop the kids, personalise them

Sy Samsung tablet seems to be on its last legs.  Mostly I think because N’s got his grubby mitts on it – he loves YouTube and has a few apps with games on he likes.  It also takes a bit of a battering with him not being as careful as he should be with it.  The tablet case I have is a samsung one and it does the job although, it’s a bit bent on the lid now.

I recently had the chance to design and order a new case from Mr Nutcase, and I’ve had a bit of time to try it out.

Personalised tablet cover review Bubbablue and me


Mr Nutcase is a website where you can create your own cases for various items of technology – smartphones (iphone and Samsung), tablets and laptop covers.  I decided that my tablet case could be a bit more exciting so then had to upload the photo I wanted to use.

I preferred to use a single photo but there are numerous collage options if you want a more jigsaw and mixed effect on your case.  It’s a really simple website to use, just choose the item you want, then from the drop downs choose your make and model of phone or tablet.  Mine’s a Samsung Tab 3, and there were numerous makes and models to choose from.

The hardest part is choosing the photo. I didn’t want one of N because that’s a bit personal, so decided on a single flower shot.  Within the options you can choose the background (if you’re not using a full photo) and add text, so you can really go to town on personalising the cover.  For tablet covers you also get a choice of standard and the premium leather which is the one I opted for.

I wasn’t sure how long I would need to wait for delivery but it was only a few days which I was pleasantly surprised about.

MrNutcase tablet cover

Overall the quality is good – the inside of this is a soft suede-feeling leather.  Oonce I’d worked how which way up the tablet slides into the cover, it fits securely (there’s a velcro flap which prevents it slipping back out.  There’s also magnetic pieces to hold the cover closed when the tablet’s not in use, although I would have liked these to be a bit stronger.

The cover also folds so you can stand the tablet up as a screen and watch it hands free – with 3 different angles to choose from – this is something I don’t really have on my previous case.   The photo came out really well and whoop, N doesn’t like using the tablet with my flower cover on.  Maybe he’ll use it less!

Mr Nutcase tablet case stand


I have found a problem with the slots for cables and buttons on it.  While there are cut out spaces and they’re accurate enough – for charging, we have found that the tablet keeps going blank without waiting the set time for power saving.  I think this is because the bottom part of the screen where there’s a home button is partially covered at the bottom with the case.  It wasn’t happening before this case was put on so it’s annoying.  If you’re using the case standing up, then you’re probably ok, but with N using it on his lap and fidgeting a lot, he finds it keeps switching off even though he’s still using it.

Overall I’m pleased with the Mr Nutcase tablet case. It does the job of protecting my tablet, provides a stand for watching it and livens up what would otherwise be a boring case.


Disclosure:   I received this case for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are my own.

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