School days – star of the week and anti-bullying

Getting ready for school

Another school week gone by. We were at the school gate, amazed that we’re already so far past half term. But it’s been another week of nativity rehearsals and learning, which included Children in Need day. Star of the week N announced he was awarded star of the week this time. No certificate has appeared (he thinks it’s in his drawer) so he can’t remember what he awarded it for. Multiskills event N had a day off ill on Monday.… Continue Reading “School days – star of the week and anti-bullying”

School days – Rememberance Day

writing on the floor

This week’s been quiet school wise.  Just the usual stuff going on (or not in the case of N’s spellings, with his worst mark ever I think).  I’m not sure next week’s will be much better given he’s been sporadic about practising them. Swimming This week it was just year 2s swimming instead of years 2-4. N loves that because he gets to move up a group and be with good swimmers and his Saturday teacher. Maths confidence N makes… Continue Reading “School days – Rememberance Day”

School days – cross country and VIP

reading practice

This week was back to school after half term. And we’re on the countdown to Christmas unbelievably.  This week’s school days had a lot going on as usual. School Photos N had to go in with his lopsided haircut. I did cut off the longer straggly bits, but I didn’t want to chop it all short the way he’d started it. So we’ll see what the photo turns out like. Cross country The secondary school for our catchment does a… Continue Reading “School days – cross country and VIP”

School days – forest school tips and moon buggies

looking up - school work

The final week before half term was fairly uneventful at school, helped by it being a short week.  N did come home from school struggling with a sore throat and cough on Wednesday, falling asleep by 6.15pm on the sofa. But the next day he woke a lot better and was fine to be back at home for the last day. I think he didn’t want to miss out on Forest School. So we’re now into half term, and N… Continue Reading “School days – forest school tips and moon buggies”

School Days – lorries and forest school

looking up - school work

Another week of school under their wings, and soon to be rolling into half term.  This week held lots of interest for N – lots of new things and interesting additions. Spellings realisation This week I wasn’t expecting great things of N’s spelling test. The previous 2 weeks he’d got 10/10, but this week the words were a lot harder, eg Egypt, pyjamas, gymnast etc, there weren’t many similarities between them.  And he’d only done 2 practices of them all… Continue Reading “School Days – lorries and forest school”

School Days – harvest festival and VIP

conker collecting after school

After a week’s break (I didn’t have much to write last week, and it was a blogging conference weekend) we’re back for School Days. Space buggies craft The topic N’s class are doing has been around space this term.  They’ve done books, english and other subjects all aligned to this.  And this week he decided he needed to take in straws and guinness cans to make his space buggy.  I’m not sure what it’s going to end up like, but… Continue Reading “School Days – harvest festival and VIP”

School Days – adjectives and music lessons

Doing maths homework

I’m a day late with School Days this week – thanks to a busy weekend up in Manchester at Blog on Xmas conference. It was great fun although I have to admit my head is painful now due not drinking enough water, 2 late nights and a very hot building.  But here we are again. Alien adjectives Week N’s class have a theme for literacy, based around a book.  This week’s was Beegu, an alien story.  N’s homework this week… Continue Reading “School Days – adjectives and music lessons”

Working mums – how to cope at the school gate

coping at the school gates working mums - Bubbablue and me

When our kids start school, it’s not only daunting for the child.  It can be scary for the parents too.  How will they cope in the playground? What will the other mums be like? Will they end up standing on their own outside the cliques in the playground?  As a working mum where you may not even get to do normal drop offs or pick-ups, the feelings can be more extreme . It’s even harder to speak to the teacher… Continue Reading “Working mums – how to cope at the school gate”

School Days – swimming and story writing

watching tv

Week 2 of the school term is done and things are still going pretty well.  Ok, so it’s still hard to get N to do his reading (we now have a sheep deal, but he already missed one day!), but the last bit of reading he did with me was so much better and back to how he was reading in the summer. So I’m pleased with that. Swimming N has never been a fan of swimming lessons and he… Continue Reading “School Days – swimming and story writing”

School days – beginning of year 2

Leaving for the first day of year 2

The first week of term is complete and it’s been a good one here so far. Hopefully your children have had a good week too, and those new to school are enjoying it and settling in well.  This is the first School Days linky back after the summer so if you’ve got any school themed posts, then do come and link up. Here’s what the first week had here: N’s now in year 2, so new classroom, back in with… Continue Reading “School days – beginning of year 2”